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Recently, a video of a man in Shanghai deliberately killing someone on the street quietly spread on the Internet. After the video involved continued to ferment, the Shanghai police finally released the official account of the incident on September 25. inform. However, just after the official notification was given, many netizens questioned the statement of emotional disputes in the notification, because according to insiders, there was no emotional dispute between the victimized woman and the murderer, and the only relationship between them was the two The murdered woman rejected the murderers confession when the individual worked for the same company.manifesting soulmate

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According to the police report, the murderer, Wei Moumou, is 31 years old this year. Meet Lin. On the morning of the 22nd, Wei Moumou came to the Curie intersection of Zuchong Road in Pudong New Area to meet with Lin Moumou. The two parties failed to negotiate due to emotional disputes. Wei Moumou killed Lin Moumou with a weapon on the street. In the previously exposed video, after Wei committed the crime, nearby citizens quickly gathered at the crime scene to try to rescue Lin, but Lin eventually died of his injuries, and Wei was also caught on the spot by the police who arrived later.manifesting soulmate

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At present, the biggest controversy in this case is the statement of emotional disputes given by the police. Many well-known emotional disputes generally refer to the breakup of boyfriends and girlfriends , the divorce of the husband and wife or the involvement of a third party, derailment within the marriage, etc., once the case involves emotional disputes, it means that both parties involved will have some responsibility. In this case, the murderer Wei Mou and the victim Lin Mou have no actual relationship. It is indeed a far-fetched statement that the relationship is characterized as an emotional dispute just because of the pursuit and the pursuit of the relationship.manifesting soulmate

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After the murder, an insider broke the news that the victim Lin had rejected Wei more than once, but Wei just didn’t give up . Originally, Wei and Lin both worked in the same company, and it was because Lin was unbearablemanifesting soulmatethat Wei was reported to the company, and Wei lost his job because of this, which everyone did not expect. Wei, who was rejected by Lin and fired by the company, not only reflected on his words and deeds, but also went to the goalkeeper Lin to kill him again. Emotional disputes and harassment and murder are worlds apart, which is also the biggest reason why netizens questioned after the incident was reported.


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