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Original title: Emotional eight-characters look at feelings, if the relationship is not going well, it will be difficult to revive, and after many stages of relationships, can you cultivate a positive relationshipmeeting your soulmate

Emotional eight-characters look at feelings, and if the relationship is not smooth, it will be difficult to die, and you will experience many stages. Love is the only way to cultivate a positive relationshipmeeting your soulmate

The test taker leave a message, hello teacher, my daughter, the birth date is Yi Chou, Bing Xu, Gui Si, Yi Mao, I am now divorced, and my ex-husband is through I met through a friends introduction, and then got married after three months of dating. This is what people often call flash marriage.meeting your soulmate

But it was only after we got married that we found out that our personalities were very different, and we didnt know how to hurt others, and we were very selfish. Later, we made a little quarrel to a big quarrel, and in the end, I was abusive at home. No, I filed for divorce, but he didn’t agree. In the end, there was no other way. Finally, I sued for divorce through the court, which restored my freedom.meeting your soulmate

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Then I went out to work, and I have always been myself In life, although my friends and colleagues have introduced some people to me one after another, I was deeply hurt by my ex-husband and had lingering fears, so I rejected emotional instincts, but I knew that this was not the way to go. The future marriage will be more difficult to implement, so I would like to ask you to help me see how the future marriage will develop and will I meet someone who is kind to me in the future? Will the future fortune be good?meeting your soulmate

Looking at the career, looking at the fortune, looking at the fate situation, the Sun Lord Guishui is born in the Xu month and cannot be ordered. Sitting down and the fire overcomes the body. Comprehensive analysis of the main weak.meeting your soulmate

Because the official was in charge, and the ugly was punished, the Shizhu Yimao wood food god revealed, there was a combination of official killing and fighting, and the moon dry Bing fire revealed that the birth official killed the food injury, and the bureau official was ordered.meeting your soulmate

Mixed killings and mutual generation of wealth and officials, coupled with the weak fate, will be too exhausting for the Japanese Lord, most afraid of the appearance of the golden water in the annual fortune, if there are exceptions, it will be detrimental to the fortune.meeting your soulmate

Combined with the fate of the situation, being an official, being wealthy, and being close to the God of Cookery means that it is very suitable for a stable job, and it is not possible to do business. It is impossible to start a business and do business. In addition, the Earthly Branches and Maoxu are compatible, and the treasury is merged into the Shi Branch, which means that this wealth is bound to be obtained in the future.meeting your soulmate

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Look at marriage and look at feelings, people born on the day of Guisi are also on the wrong day, representing marriage Its not very smooth, and you can miss a better marriage. In addition, the year supports the ugly soil to kill, which represents the previous relationship, and the monthly support Xu soil is also a relationship, and the ugly crime is punished. Two very bad feelings.meeting your soulmate

And the marriage is ups and downs, in addition, the fire official is hidden, the marriage palace official is hidden, and it is not damaged, and it is beneficial to sit on the wealth star to give birth to the official, which means that there will be a very good fate in the future. And the relationship is still very good, which means that the marriage will be happy.meeting your soulmate

26-36-year-olds are ugly and have seven murders. The last seven kills revealed that the opposite sex they encountered was not very good, and the encounter was inhuman.meeting your soulmate

36-46-year-old Geng Yin in luck Too much, which is not good for the development of marriage.meeting your soulmate

After the age of 46, Xinmao Yun and Im Jin Yun are not helpful to the fortune, and they are also very general fortunes. At this time, you should pay attention to your health and participate in more fitness exercises to avoid diseases.meeting your soulmate

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Personal suggestion, your destiny itself has no effect on your marriage Help, so I suggest you to be more careful about your relationship. If you remarry, you must understand clearly that you are in a relationship, and you cant repeat the mistake of a flash marriage. In addition, you are ordered to eat and hurt, which means that after giving birth to a child in the future, your fortune will be this way. Relatively much better, wealth and career are relatively stable and much, wealth will be better.meeting your soulmateReturn to Sohu, see more

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