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Not long ago, there was an ironic rape case somewhere in Jinhua.

The famous clerk in the administrative department of the company is very beautiful, whether it is a first-class body, skin, or face, but it is almost 36 years old or alone. In the local area, the age of 36 is a hurdle. For this reason, her father is very anxious and wants me to help with the work. I asked him, because his daughter is so beautiful, there should be a lot of people chasing her, and why was she delayed. Her father said that because she was so beautiful, she had never seen her daughter talk about her boyfriend.my celebrity soulmate

I dont believe it. Although it is beautiful, it is not a city flower. Probably too much to ask for. The clerks name was Xiaoli, and I called her to the office and told her what her father meant. Xiaoli said, I am also anxious, but there is no one chasing after, so it is not good for me to take the initiative. I said, do you have a favorite candidate? Xiaoli said, no, my requirements are not high. I have a good character and a fixed career.my celebrity soulmate

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I sent Xiaolis request and photo to the circle of friends. Unexpectedly, no one contacted me in the past few days. I chatted with a colleague from the Personnel Bureau about this. The colleague said that there are not many young men who have a fixed occupation, that is, those who eat finance. How old are you not married? Among the talents introduced in recent years, there are a few who meet Xiaolis requirements, you should go and have a look.my celebrity soulmate

Sure enough, the city government brought in a young talent in heat treatment from Xian. He graduated with a doctorate and is 33 years old. He has no object yet. According to my colleagues, the doctor was born in a rural area, and devoted himself to researching technology to delay the marriage. Under the introduction of a colleague, I met Dr. The doctor is not a nerd. He told me that there are still grandparents at home. My father suffered from emphysema very early and could not do heavy work. The family conditions were very ordinary. Because of poverty, I didnt dare to fall in love, and I didnt even think about getting married. He joked with me, the condition of the woman is so good, dont tease me.my celebrity soulmate

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I told Xiaolis father about the doctors situation. Her father was very supportive, and Xiaoli agreed to meet. The first time we met, I arranged it at Xiao Lis house. My purpose was to let the doctor know that if the womans parents completely agreed, you should pursue it boldly. Xiaolis parents stated that they dont want you to buy a house or a car. As long as the daughter agrees, they will be responsible for the marriage.my celebrity soulmate

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Xiao Li also had a good impression of the doctor, so she quickly established a relationship. But it was still tragic. When people in their thirties fall in love, they are all going to get married. They have been dating for more than four months. The doctor is not satisfied and just holds hands. One day after the movie ended, it was more than 11 oclock, and it was drizzling. The two did not bring umbrellas. The doctor saw that there was a hotel opposite the theater, and boldly said, or stay in a hotel tonight? Xiao Li hesitated and agreed. What happened later was very bloody. At 12 oclock, the waiter heard the womans cry and reported that after the manager knocked on the door to go in, Xiao Li was disheveled, threw herself on the bed and cried, and the doctor stood by the side at a loss. The manager asked, what happened? The doctor shook his head, I dont know. Xiao Li said that he raped me and I bleed. rape? The manager did not dare to neglect and hurriedly called the police.my celebrity soulmate

Little Li was raped, and I heard about it the next day. I hurriedly contacted my colleagues in the personnel bureau and rushed to the police station with Xiaolis father. The police who handled the case happened to take Xiaoli to the hospital for examination. A female police officer said that it was a treasure, and the hymen was intact. The police handling the case told us that it has been confirmed that the two parties are male and female friends, and the person has been released.my celebrity soulmate

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