Emotionalfraudroutinesmakesingleolder,highlyeducatedwomeninevitablydeceivedi found my soulmate

Original title: The emotional fraud routine makes single older, highly educated women unavoidably deceived

Women are always a species that is easily tempted by love, or, in other words, women are susceptible to love. Obtaining a mans love is the source of a womans self-confidence and a good feeling. Women rely on love to breathe and enjoy life through love. So women are easily attracted by a suitor, whether it is true love or fake love, as long as the basic conditions of a man meet the requirements of a woman, a woman will have a good impression of this man, even obsessed and reluctant to part. For women, sometimes its instinct, sometimes its all about women.Romantic love is too scarce, and women, especially women who lack love, are simply unwilling and unwilling to miss it.free psychic soulmate drawing

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According to November 8, 2021 Jiangsu The Criminal Investigation Bureau of Nanjing Public Security Bureau issued a police report saying that there were six telecom fraud cases involving millions of people killing pigs in the city last week. , and one has experience of studying abroad, and the other is a university teacher. According to the report, on November 2, 2021, Lei Mou (female, 28 years old, studying abroad) was defrauded of 1.38 million, and Hui Mou (female, 40 years old, middle school) was defrauded on November 5. teacher) was defrauded of a million. On November 5th, Yao (female, 38 years old, university teacher) was defrauded of 2.7 million yuan. On November 5th, Ding Mou (female, 30 years old, outsider) was defrauded of 990,000 yuan. On November 6th, Cheng Mou (female, 36 years old, bank employee) was defrauded of 2.4 million. On November 6, Shan (female, 40-year-old bank employee) was defrauded of 2.42 million.free psychic soulmate drawing

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What is Killing Pig? The slaughtering plate begins with love, is passionate about investing, and finally defrauds. It is not that women are careless, but that liars understand feelings better than women. Fraudsters call victims pigs, dating tools, such as apps and dating websites, are pig troughs, chat scripts are pig feed, love is pig raising, and fraudulent money is called killing pigs. Liars often wear the cloak of love, appear in the image of tall, rich, handsome, white and rich, and fabricate stories and fictional reality to make the victim slowly step into the scam. The routine of killing pigs is generally divided into the following steps:free psychic soulmate drawing

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The first step is to gain trust. The liar adds the victim as a friend through various dating software or dating websites, and chats frequently after that, paying more attention and love to the victim during the chat, so as to build trust. Even identified a romantic relationship with the victim online.free psychic soulmate drawing

The second step is to induce investment. After the relationship is stabilized, the reality is almost the same. The scammers lure the victims to buy stocks, lottery tickets, futures and other investments on illegal platforms. Most of the victims invest a few small sums with the mentality of trying, and the scammers will let the victims through background operations. Make a small profit.free psychic soulmate drawing

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The third step, large investment. When the victim has tasted the sweetness, the liar will induce the victim to invest more.free psychic soulmate drawing

The fourth step, unable to withdraw. After the victim invested a large amount of money and saw that the amount of the platform had not increased, he was about to withdraw the amount and found that it could not be withdrawn.free psychic soulmate drawing

The fifth step, human evaporation. When the victim wants to negotiate with the other party, the liar has disappeared without a trace, and the world has evaporated.free psychic soulmate drawing

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Friendly reminder is: in daily work and life, Dont add strangers as friends on social tools at will, and dont easily join the so-called investment groups and stock speculation groups. Dont believe in blindly following other peoples money-making experience. When a netizen asks for a transfer, you must be vigilant. If you find that you have been deceived, you should keep the chat records and transfer records, and report to the police as soon as possible.free psychic soulmate drawing

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