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First, if you want to forget a relationship, there is always only one way: time and a new love. If time and new love cant make you forget a relationship, there is only one reason: the time is not long enough, and the new love is not good enough.soulmate drawing free

Second, if you are sad and cry every day when you are in a relationship, you have to stop and ask yourself, are you looking for a partner or an onion?soulmate drawing free

Three, adult love is not about holding hands and hugging, it is about supporting each other and building a family together, so you need to love each other, you need tacit understanding, you need to have the same three views, and you need to stand firmly on the other side. beside.soulmate drawing free

soulmate drawing free

Fourth, if you like someone, you are happy together; if you love someone, you want to be together even if you are not happy. ——Han Han

Five, there is a person, because you are good to him, so you feel good, this is the person you love; there is a person, because he understands your goodness, so he wants to be good to you, This is someone who loves you.soulmate drawing free

6. Two things that women are most likely to overestimate: one is their own beauty, and the other is a mans feelings; two things that men are most likely to overestimate: one is their own charm, and the other is their former Girlfriends feelings for him.soulmate drawing free

soulmate drawing free

7. When two people are together, more is not to change each other, but to accept. This is tolerance. If you just think about change, it is not life, it is war.

Eighth, its best to keep a little bit of cleanliness in love, dont start casually, dont rush to compromise, things that are truly worthwhile will not be so easy.soulmate drawing free

Nine, behind every long-term love, there will be someone who gives silently. Many times, I will try to please, accommodate, tolerate, tolerate, and forgive. It is not that I will not feel heartache, but that I regard love as more important than myself.soulmate drawing free

10. In the years when you need to struggle the most, you should love someone who can give you motivation, not someone who can make you exhausted.soulmate drawing free

Eleven, when you have passed a vigorous age, you will understand that the love you really want is the company of a long stream of water. Saying 10,000 words of I love you is better than having me at ease.soulmate drawing free

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Twelve, if there is a person who can understand you, appreciate you, tolerate you, understand your personality, appreciate your advantages, and accept your shortcomings, and allows you to fully develop your potential, then he is the most suitable person for you.soulmate drawing free

Thirteen, love is such a wonderful thing, no matter how many times you have lost it, as long as you use it, the next time you will be as flustered as the first time, and you will never be proficient.soulmate drawing free

14. People marry because of lack of judgment, divorce because of lack of patience, and remarry because of lack of memory.soulmate drawing free

Fifteen, good love will not let you discount, for good love, every little change is actually only the icing on the cake. Instead of changing for others and becoming another person, it is better to be yourself and wait for the right person to appear.soulmate drawing free


16. The porridge in the morning is better than the wine in the late night. People who lie to you will say more than those who love you, so dont fall in love with your ears. Whats good for you is all about the details.soulmate drawing free

Seventeen, many people ask whether to choose the one who loves them or the one they love? its actually really easy. If you are strong, choose the person you love; if you are not strong enough, choose the person who loves you. ——Zhao Geyusoulmate drawing free

Eighteen, you will eventually meet someone who makes you feel that meeting him is a blessing, because the person you are waiting for is also experiencing a lot of people. Sad things get better, wait until you meet the best of you at the right time.soulmate drawing free

soulmate drawing free

Nineteen, there is no shortage of love these days, but people who take love seriously.

Twenty, the first button is wrong, but you cant find it until the last one; a relationship is wrong at the beginning, but you dont have to admit it until the end.soulmate drawing free

Twenty-one, you set many standards for the future object, but in the end it is often the one outside the standard that holds hands with you. When I met him, the looks, weight, whether or not he was riding a white horse, or whether he was talented or not, didnt matter. Because he is not the kind of person you like, but the person you like.soulmate drawing free

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