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Tu Lei, the emotional mentor in “Battle of Love”, is definitely the soul of the show.

He always points out the problem sharply, and often because Excessive rhetoric caused controversy.

In the past two years, this emotional mentor has disappeared.friend soulmate

How did Tu Lei go from peak to trough?

< /p>

In 1977, Tu Lei was born in an ordinary family in Nanchang, Jiangxi,

from his notes At first, his mother was lying on the bed.friend soulmate

When he grew up, he realized that his mother was paralyzed and could no longer stand up.

Mother Tu suffers from severe rheumatoid, and the pain is terrifying.

can only stay in bed all year round, sometimes It is difficult to even take care of yourself, let alone housework.friend soulmate

The big and small things in the family all fall on the father alone.

Father Tu has a grumpy personality, and it is inevitable that he will be angry with him. The mother and son lost their temper,friend soulmate

but each time they lost their temper, they continued to take good care of them, and again and again.

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This family environment made Tu Lei very dull when he was a child.friend soulmate

I always felt that my mothers illness was a Because of his own creation,

he could only be extra sensible and learned to buy and cook at a very young age,

actively Helping father to share the housework, but also trying to find a way to make mother happy in bed.friend soulmate

There were also many relatives who suggested that Father Tu get a divorce. After all, he was still young at the time.friend soulmate

After divorce, he could find a good one s wife.

Fortunately, although Tu Leis father has a big temper, he cant bear to leave their mother and son.

Wife has been paralyzed for many years Do not give up.friend soulmate

Perhaps it was this contradictory marriage that gave Tu Lei his own views on love,

He is a bit more mature than children of the same age.

Mother regards her son as her only hope in life and often teaches him to study hard.friend soulmate

But Tu Lei gradually became a little rebellious from adolescence and had more and more ideas.

caused His grades declined, and he failed to get into the ideal school in the final college entrance examination.friend soulmate

In 1996, Tu Lei was admitted to the Department of Computer Science of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, which is a specialized college.

, three years later he graduated and entered the society and began to work.friend soulmate

Tu Lei initially worked in a local bank in Jiangxi,

professional counterparts, stable income, can be regarded as iron A job,

is also the safest job in the hearts of parents.friend soulmate

But Tu Lei wanted to make more money while he was young and didnt want to stay in the bank all his life.

just did it Three months later, he resigned decisively despite the opposition of his family, andfriend soulmate

then joined a company to work in sales.

This job has given Tu Lei a lot of training, and he has also met people of all types.

It also gives his eloquence a workout.friend soulmate

Soon Tu Lei did a good job in the sales position, and his income was several times as much as before,

But he did not Not satisfied with such achievements, he had to change jobs after just over a year.friend soulmate

He went to be the general manager of a similar company when he was only 23 years old.

Just a few years after graduation, Tu Lei saved half a million in savings.

In 2000 For a young man in his early twenties,friend soulmate

is already a very impressive achievement, and buying a house and a car is not a problem at all.

But while Tu Lei is rapidly accumulating wealth, his ambition is also growing. Capital market, opened an investment company with friends.friend soulmate

< /p>

Tu Lei put all his 500,000 deposits into this company,

When he dreams of doubling his assets, his partner runs away with all the money.

This is the first huge blow in Tu Leis life,friend soulmate

the money he has earned over the past few years overnight All the time came to nothing, and

also made him deeply realize the cruel comparison of trust and interests between people.friend soulmate

During that time, Tu Lei wanted to get his money back like crazy,

even took a kitchen knife I went to a friends house for a theory, but luckily I was caught by a policeman.

I stopped him in time to avoid an accident.friend soulmate


In the end, Tu Lei could only accept his fate and persuade himself to start all over again.

But this is in Nanchang, Jiangxi. He couldnt stay in the city any longer.

Here all the people and things he knew made him sad.friend soulmate

In 2004, Tu Lei came to Changsha at the age of 27 with his only 1,000 yuan left.

He wanted to start from scratch here, but he didnt choose the field he was familiar with before.friend soulmate

Want to change to another industry, but didnt know where to start.

Just when he was at a loss, a job advertisement caught his attention,

Changsha Radios ” Lushan Night Talk is recruiting a radio host.friend soulmate

Changsha, which owns Hunan Satellite TV, the leader in the TV industry, was already a city full of media people at that time,

never contacted Tu Lei, who has been in related industries, also became interested.friend soulmate

< /p>

He used to help friends analyze emotional problems at work,

sometimes This kind of topic is used as a talking point when socializing.

Tu Lei is always able to make others stunned in one sentence, and is often appreciated by friends.friend soulmate

And “Lushan” “Night Talk” is also a talk show focusing on solving emotional problems.

Tu Lei then applied for the job. He, a non-college candidate, successfully defeated more than 400 candidates.friend soulmate

Competitor, became the host of this show, and

has officially become a TV personality since then.

Tu Lei just took over the show, and with his sharp words,

spotted and insightful harvest It was well received, and the listening rate of the program also rose sharply.friend soulmate

The number of people who called in at the same time to inquire about relationship problems exploded,friend soulmate

< span>A tepid radio show was saved by him.

He then hosted the talk show “True Love Reception Room”,

Tu Lei decided from the beginning His own sharp-edged hosting style,

and identified an emotional line that suits him very well,friend soulmate

he learned from a layman Become a newcomer to host a lot of attention.

< /p>

Tu Lei is different from the host of previous emotional programs, persuading the parties in a gentle and euphemistic way,friend soulmate

He often slams the punch and makes the audience very entertained.

However, his style and reputation are polarized. Some people are stunned by his advice, and

Some people are hurt by his words, Hatred for him.friend soulmate

Tu Lei once encountered someone with a knife trying to get revenge on him when he was off work.

Fortunately, he responded quickly, Just in time to hide in the car to escape.friend soulmate

At that time, although Tu Lei had just gained fame, his income was not high,

and he also faced various evaluations Not sure if Im a good host for this job.

At the crossroads of this life, Tu Lei met his love,friend soulmate

she is A female college student named Xiao Wanzi is nine years younger than Tu Lei.

The two met once on the show and left contact information for each other.

Since then , Tu Lei thought about contacting Xiao Wanzi frequently.friend soulmate

At that time, Tu Lei didnt have any advantages. He was old and his income was not high.

Dont talk about buying in Changsha Buying a car and a house is a problem even for his own life.friend soulmate

When he first became a radio host, his salary was only a few hundred yuan.

But Maruko did not dislike him at all and became his girlfriend firmly,

also in his girlfriends Encouraged, Tu Lei began to take over more TV programs,friend soulmate

opened the model worker mode, and officially switched from radio to TV screen.


Since 2006, Tu Lei has more and more programs in his hands,

not only There are emotional programs and current affairs, without exception, they are all sharp styles.friend soulmate

At this time, Tu Lei attracted countless fans with his clever mouth,

soulmate drawing free

became a household name host, An offline meeting has also been held, andfriend soulmate

every time there are thousands of fans.

As his career continues to rise, Tu Leis income is also getting higher and higher,

He and Xiao Wanzi finally leave into the palace of marriage.friend soulmate

Xiao Wanzi is from Hangzhou, an ordinary person. Originally, the two planned to go back to their hometown in Hangzhou.

< p>Meeting father-in-law and mother-in-law, but because Tu Lei is too busy with his work,

has been unable to spare time, so Xiao Wanzi also gave consideration to this,

And reassure him that you are where you are.friend soulmate

The most regrettable thing is that Tu Leis mother failed to see her sons achievements.

She was bedridden for most of her life , all her hopes were pinned on her son,friend soulmate

When her sons career finally improved, she passed away.

Little Maruko has become a new spiritual pillar in Tu Leis life,

Always stand by his side and support him him, understand him.

Later, the two gave birth to a daughter, and Maruko took care of him full-time Baby,friend soulmate

let Tu Lei have no worries.

But Xiao Wanzi and Tu Lei made an agreement to wait until the child is five At the age of

no matter how busy you are, you have to put down your work and return to your family.friend soulmate

As a father, you can’t miss the most important part of your child’s growth. An important stage.

Tu Lei abides by this agreement and continues to work hard to create better living conditions for the mother and daughter.friend soulmate

< span>At this time, he has become the host of “Its You”,

The emotional mentor of “Love Defense”, and has become a first-line host in the industry,friend soulmate

The ratings and discussions of several programs remain high.

, criticism also followed,

The paparazzi photographed Tu Lei eating with a lady named Xiong Dan,

And rumored that the other party was his wife, and also implied that he was cheating.friend soulmate

After this news broke, Tu Lei specially released a handwritten letter,< /span>

This is also the first time he exposed his wife, Xiao Wanzi, and showed his love generously,friend soulmate

said that he only loved him in this life.< /span>

Afterwards, there have been several cases of Tu Lei getting divorced Rumors,

Every time a family is involved, Tu Lei will not hesitate to fight back,friend soulmate

he uploaded a family of three They took a group photo with happiness, and took great care to put up mosaics for his wife and daughter.

I was so angry that if there were any more similar rumors, they would definitely be put into law.friend soulmate


After this matter was clarified, Tu Leis style aroused heated discussions again.

Although he He has always been known for his sharp words,

but in the job-hunting program “Its You”, he was questioned as watching people eat dishes.friend soulmate

In the face of unqualified players, he humiliated and even implied that the boss turned off the lights.

However, in the face of conditions For better players, he is more restrained.friend soulmate

As a host, he does not treat the players fairly,

also Use your own judgment to guide the audiences emotions.

< /p>

Although this show made Tu Lei controversial, it also increased his popularity.friend soulmate

< span>Nowadays, the entertainment industry is black and red as well. Only when there is a topic can it have commercial value.

Tu Lei is more favored by some programs because of his controversial nature.friend soulmate

In “Love Defence”, he is even more of a Dinghaishenzhen.

This program started in 2010, hosted by Zhao Chuan,

mainly solve some real emotional cases, many All parties involved voluntarily sign up.friend soulmate

This show has also invited many emotional mentors before, but they were unable to sit still,

until Tu Lei After I came, I formed a golden partner with Zhao Chuan.friend soulmate

Both of them have strong personalities. They cooperate with each other and can quickly find the entry point.

At this time, Maruko made an exception to accept an interview in the show “Love Defense”,friend soulmate

< span> revealed an unknown side of Tu Leis life.

Tu Lei in life will not be as serious and strong as in the show,

he is a gentle husband , very sympathetic to his wife,

is also a daughter slave, and the family of three lives very happily.friend soulmate

Seeing that Tu Leis career and family have a good harvest, but he was once again sent to the hot search by a revelation,

2019 In 2018, netizens uploaded a photo of Tu Lei pedaling the cabin on the plane.friend soulmate

He wore slippers and his feet were on the cabin wall, which looked very indecent.

< /p>

This revelation brought Tu Lei’s reputation to the bottom. As a public figure,friend soulmate

< p>However, he doesnt pay attention to his public image, and he utters nonsense on the show to educate others.

Tu Lei then immediately posted a clarification, saying that he had varicose veins caused by standing for a long time.

Follow the doctors advice Lifting up to a high place can help relieve symptoms, andfriend soulmate

he also made a special apology video to express his sincere apology.

But Tu Leis explanation did not get the understanding of netizens, but instead mocked him,

This is him The biggest word-of-mouth crisis in the industry.friend soulmate

Soon after Tu Lei announced on Weibo that he would withdraw from “Love Defense”,

< span>The reason is that the five-year appointment with his wife has come, and he wants to return to the family to accompany his daughter to grow up.friend soulmate

Tu Lei often shows his love to his wife Xiaowanzi in a high-profile manner,

At the age of 520, he couldnt accompany his wife because he was working away from home,friend soulmate

dedicated a confession dance to his wife,


The playful appearance when dancing is different from the serious one in the show.

Once Tu Lei said during the live broadcast that his wife at home is a temperamental one,friend soulmate

I was also often trained, and as a result, I was counterattacked on the spot by the small balls sitting next to me.

The way they were fighting was no different from a normal couple.friend soulmate

At work, Xiao Wanzi is Tu Leis perfect helper,

every time he travels on business, the luggage is Little Maruko is responsible for cleaning up,

every time a note will be attached, which details the matching of each set,friend soulmate

He should be told to eat an apple every morning, and apply a mask and eye drops at night.

Only from this point, you can feel the happiness of the husband and wife.

< /p>

From this, it can be seen that Tu Lei does have a happy family,friend soulmate

worthy Let him give up his career to be with his family.

Nowadays, Tu Lei has greatly reduced the recording of TV programs,

instead embarked on the road of live broadcast and delivery, Sometimes live-streamed to answer emotional questions.friend soulmate

But Tu Lei still has an old problem, a high attitude,

often blackface to fans, live broadcast He was not dedicated enough to bring the goods,friend soulmate

once selling durian, the staff were immersed in enjoying the delicious food,

he But he looked disgusted, and he didnt have the professional quality of being an anchor with goods.friend soulmate

< /p>

However, there are still many people who are willing to watch Tu Leis live broadcast, and even like to watch him scold fans,

Sometimes an hour of live broadcast will earn tens of thousands of dollars in rewards.friend soulmate

It is easier than being a show host. It seems that Tu Lei is well versed in the way of Internet celebrities.

From gold emotional mentor to internet celebrity anchor, Tu Lei doesnt know what else is possible,friend soulmate

while he works There is also a huge contrast between the iron face in time and the tenderness in life.

I hope he really gives emotional advice to help the audience in distress,friend soulmate

Instead of grandstanding with sharp eloquence.


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