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For many men, women are the most difficult animals in the world to understand.

On many social platforms, we often see that many men are at a loss when facing women, where do you live, how old are you, what are you doing, and a few lines of forced conversations that look up household registration make outsiders feel embarrassed when they see it . More people simply dont bother to go straight to the topic. In this scene, it was as if the woman was still sitting upright, and the man was already running wildly there. In the end, their words and deeds are often regarded by women as a model of a problem with their brains, and they are shown on display.soulmate birthdays

According to a woman who angrily uninstalled social media,men like this make up 60% of the people she strikes up withsoulmate birthdays.

Some people ask, is it because the survivors are biased, and some men with poor quality will come to this kind of social media for a while? No, no, those men with high quality, high level, and high status know women very well? We often see various scandals and cases, and some high-ranking figures talk about women. Objectifying women sees women as playthings. A wealthy family, such as a certain Sicong, is also vulgar and ignorant when it comes to emotional matters, just like ordinary people. A few days ago, a local official made a mistake in the chat group, and a sentence of Chi Guoguos plea for joy made him lose his black gauze hat, which was pitiful and pathetic and lifelike.soulmate birthdays

Not understanding womens hearts is a common problem for men, regardless of high or low, regardless of education and occupation. The course of understanding women is a brand new subject for men and needs to be learned from scratch. And unfortunately, there are no textbooks, no teachers, or even a title for this course, so its all up to you to guess.soulmate birthdays

Well, the question is, how can a woman open her heart?soulmate birthdays

I guess this topic may be very interesting to a considerable number of men (even some women), this is a topic that many people want to know for various purposes, but cannot speak.soulmate birthdays

Where are the keys?soulmate birthdays

Mr. Qiaoyuan would like to introduce a case first.soulmate birthdays

Many years ago, I once chatted with a female netizen on QQ (there was no WeChat at that time), and the two sides were just simple netizens chatting, so it was more open. This is a rural woman who lives in a suburban county of the city. Her education level is not high, and her life is only a husband and a child. Talking about her married life, she said that she was not happy and life was boring, and that was enough.soulmate birthdays

Im surprised, why, is he not good enough for you? Domestic violence? Dont do housework? Is there someone outside? Married life is not normal?soulmate birthdays

None of them, she said. Her husband does not have these problems, and the married life is normal.soulmate birthdays

Then why? I am even more puzzled.soulmate birthdays

He doesnt understand style, she said.soulmate birthdays

According to this woman, her husband doesnt know anything about romance, he has no fun in life, he cant say love, and he cant give small gifts. Will not send flowers, will not express. For him, the only way to love his wife is to try his best to be like her. He thinks that is the expression of loving his wife, but its not. The woman doesnt like it in her heart.soulmate birthdays

You must know that this woman does not have too high cultural literacy and education, she is an ordinary rural housewife. But her love and pursuit of love are no different from those of highly educated Kochi or wealthy women. If you think that a low-level woman doesnt need love, youre dead wrong.soulmate birthdays

Therefore, the answer is actually ready to come out. Just like the nature of men who like to go straight to the topic, it is also the nature of women to like romantic love. There may be women in this world who are not keen on dressing up and losing weight, but looking around the world, if you want to find a woman who really doesnt need love, is there?soulmate birthdays

At least Qiaoyuan-kun has never seen it before.soulmate birthdays

But what makes Hashiyuan-kun always puzzled is that in fact, there are countless articles about this truth, and they are broken apart and smashed. Why cant many male compatriots understand, cant see, or even dont want to see it?soulmate birthdays

Sometimes I really feel how difficult it is to understand each other between people.soulmate birthdays

As we all know, the physiological structure of men and women is different, men are only responsible for providing raw materials, not responsible for specific fertility. On the contrary, women are directly responsible for having children, and childbirth requires a lot of physical and mental resources, exhausted and scarred, so they are particularly dependent on men’s protection and support. Physiological and psychological roots of commitment and companionship). Dont underestimate the sense of security they talk about every day, this is actually very, very important for women.soulmate birthdays

Nowadays social productivity is developed, women can also earn money to support their families and create wealth. Therefore, their requirements for mens wealth are not as demanding as in ancient times (although they are also very important), but their single-minded psychological dependence on men, the social and psychological roots formed over thousands of years, has long been engraved into it. In a womans genes, it becomes a Pavlovian instinct that does not need to be cultivated at all.soulmate birthdays

So we see that on social platforms, 99% of women who are single or divorced are serious and serious. That seriousness is comparable to a man attending a high-level party and government meeting.soulmate birthdays

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A happy marriage is the biggest politics in a womans life.soulmate birthdays

Women dont like to play, women cant afford to play.soulmate birthdays

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With enough love, she is yours, and you can do whatever you want. Dont talk about dating, she may take the initiative to rush to give birth to monkeys for you.soulmate birthdays

Love is the best thing for a woman. In fact, this sentence has a profound meaning and is a well-known saying. But how many people have seriously thought about this sentence?soulmate birthdays

And the few men who realized this truth began to be complacent, complacent, and even have a bad mind, trying to take advantage of this psychological feature of women to take advantage of love. to cover their own goals.soulmate birthdays

Over the years, we have seen many love liars, in the name of love, go to the real world, cast a wide net, and welcome all who come. There are so many girlfriends that they can organize a group by themselves, and some even shuttle between many women, making many women pregnant without any sense of disobedience, and do not join the group until an accident occurs.soulmate birthdays

What is intriguing is that many of these love liars are actually ordinary ordinary people, without extraordinary looks, wealth, or wealth, and most of them even have a seemingly loyal appearance.soulmate birthdays

But they know women need love.soulmate birthdays

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What is even more intriguing is that in many cases, many of the deceived women do not even repent after learning the truth and still wait wishful thinking His prodigal son turned back, fantasizing himself to be the Virgin.soulmate birthdays

These women can even lower all their bottom lines for love. So much so that a very sarcastic remark was made recently: Although the scumbag is scumbag, he is fragrant.soulmate birthdays

We will not comment on their addiction, but from one aspect, it can actually show how much women crave for romantic men who understand their hearts?soulmate birthdays

So, if you want to date a woman, start by loving her.soulmate birthdays

To understand her thoughts, to understand her life, to give her spiritual companionship, to praise her, to support her, to encourage her, and to provide emotional value. In short, love everything about her.soulmate birthdays

I cant guarantee that every woman you meet will be touched by you like this, but there will always be one who is touched by you, that day. And, the day might come sooner than you think.soulmate birthdays

You have no promise of marriage, no proud wealth, no continuous and patient emotional support, and no sincere love. Why do you say women want to be with you? You tell me. What is she drawing?soulmate birthdays

Im great at something? Come on, do you really think women are as rare as you are? 55% of Chinas population is men, more than 800 million, you cant even rank as a substitute.soulmate birthdays

Dont just think about appointments, forget about the word from now on.soulmate birthdays

When you are reborn, you truly understand and love women. When you overcome your irritable physiological impulse and patiently accompany a woman.soulmate birthdays

Youll find out-soulmate birthdays

How sweet it is for a woman to fall in love with you.


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