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Maybe Ive never been the hero of the world with my feet on colorful clouds. But I will be the supreme treasure who will never turn back for love. ——Inscription

When I cant sleep, I read the mood in the pile of old papers from the beginning to the end, and my sentimentality seems to have become my label, and it has also set the tone for my life. Sensitive people have a glass heart, which seems crystal clear and shatters when they let go. They are often too sensitive and too detail-oriented, and such people are often unhappy.soulmate aus

They look perceptive and pay attention to every detail. See what others cant see, and perceive what others cant. But they are also easily ignored. Every night, loneliness strikes, and the soul is ruthlessly torn apart. He tried to experience other peoples grief and share it for her. But no one wants to experience you, and no one wants to feel the same way about him.soulmate aus

He cares about your every move and observes your emotional state. He has insight into all your emotions, but it is too late to understand. Maybe your smile will make him feel like a spring breeze, and a phone call will make him fall into the abyss. He will have more intense emotional ups and downs than ordinary people. They are troubled by gains and losses, and moody. Being troubled by other peoples emotions, pulling. Those who experience the emotions have not had time to digest, they will fall into the emotions and cannot extricate themselves. They always seem emotional and neurotic because no one understands.soulmate aus

Sensitive people are empathetic and they are more likely to empathize, which is a caring trait to others but can be a nuisance to sensitive people. Because sensitive people are also accompanied by sadness, the more people who care about them, the more eager they are to get care from them. Whether they are thinking or acting, they will regard the emotional state of others as a more important reference standard than themselves. He will be happy because of your happiness, will be happier than you, and have a sense of satisfaction. Will also be sad because of your sadness, sadder than you, and feel self-blame.soulmate aus

There are many sensitive people in life, everyone has this tendency, but some people are good at hiding, and some people show it naturally. Sensitivity makes people sad, and sadness makes people extra sensitive. Sometimes I keep getting myself into a maze like this, an infinite loop. Sometimes I feel that my emotions are like rolling dice, and the results are random. Maybe I am happy when I encounter a happy thing one second, and immediately switch to a depressed mode when I encounter a sad thing the next second. This is the norm. But the right to roll the dice is in the hands of others. In other words, your mood is always in the hands of others.soulmate aus

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I don’t know what makes me so sensitive and getting more and more indecisive. The sadness that sensitivity brings to me is more accurate than that of a girl who comes to my aunt. Every time I feel sad because of sensitivity, I become cautious and think over it over and over again. Maybe in the eyes of the other party, it is not a man at all, or even disgusted. In fact, I just feel that I lack an unscrupulous identity, a righteous qualification. A do-it-yourself gesture.soulmate aus

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But I have never been troubled by the emotions that go along with my life. Instead, I thought sensitivity was a gift that freed us from vulgarity and numbness. It gives sensitive people a richer perception and allows me to see more details of life and the world. I am also fortunate to retain my sensitivity in such a world, no matter what kind of incompatibility.soulmate aus

The so-called sensitive, the so-called sad, in the final analysis, it is because the affectionate you are annoyed by the ruthless her. Every day, wearing a mask, always smiling. Every late night, tear off the disguise and burst into tears. Sensitivity and sadness seem to be twins, no matter which one you meet, the other will meet unexpectedly. The more you want to break away, the more addicted you are, the more no one can understand you. Those who are intentional are tired, those who are unintentional do not care, and those who are unintentional do not care, because the distress that cannot be achieved by thinking makes us swaying oars in the sea of our hearts and cannot be calmed down.soulmate aus

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The laughter gradually fades away, but the passion is mercilessly annoyed .soulmate aus

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