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The sky and the earth are so far apart, but they are always together. Because their hearts are always together. Birds in the sky, you are more lonely than me, or I am more sad than you. For the rest of the time, you accompany me, okay, so that you are not lonely, and I will not be sad The fairy tale is over, forgetting is happiness.be my soulmate

Sometimes, one kind of love cant really be used to measure another kind of love. Some love, you are not the party, you simply can not understand. Why not choose to let it go, because we want ourselves to be happy, lets love when we can, dont let your love wait too long, dont let your happiness wait too long.be my soulmate

Dont change yourself against your will for the so-called love. Love is not about how much you have changed, but how long you have been holding on. Dont make waiting become a torment for the so-called love. The more extravagant hopes, the less likely it will give back to you; dont want to be hurt rather than look back for the so-called love, the extinguished flame can no longer be burned, and in the end you can only use your blood and tears to slowly melt all the pain at the beginning. .be my soulmate

Its not easy to find someone you love, nor is it easy to find someone who loves you. If you cant be sure which one is your favorite, why not cherish the relationship when you become someone elses lover? Love comes from the heart, you tell yourself that you love him, and you can naturally fall in love with him.be my soulmate

No matter how bad your conditions are, there will always be someone who loves you; no matter how good your conditions are, there will always be someone who doesnt love you, meets the right person at the right time, This is a kind of fate, and this kind of fate just needs to wait patiently and experience all kinds of setbacks to meet. In your world, there will always be someone who loves you more than you imagined.be my soulmate

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Many people have been hurt by love, so they no longer believe in love. But in fact, these people are the ones who know love the most. It is because of the injury that I understand. Because it is lost, it is to cherish it. Because of betrayal, so is loyalty. They look indifferent, but in fact they have a heart that lacks love the most.be my soulmate

It is the highest state of love to have each others intentions without saying it. Because at this time, both of them are enjoying the wink, the fiery psychology when the eyes meet, and the thrilling feeling when the fingers touch each other. Once it is said, the taste will be much lighter, because after the two agree, all behaviors have been approved and psychologically prepared, and will gradually become numb in the end.be my soulmate

Love is not the same as love. When two people have feelings, it is likely that they are just a tacit understanding that has been established over time. It may be a common hobby and interest, or it may be just friendship and family affection. But love is much more complicated. Love will be jealous, hurt, happy, and sexual. Never say love easily just because you have feelings for someone. Love is a whole-hearted giving.be my soulmate

Love is unreasonable. At the end of the dispute, the reason is clear, but the feelings are gone. Using the laws of reason to control the emotional, I am afraid that the result is only cold and ruthless. Two peoples affairs, dont need to understand too much, control it by yourself, and each person has his own sense of proportion.be my soulmate

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