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I want to tell you today:

1. Live well, meet slowly, respect and lose

2. Its good

3. Its meaningful to go to each other to meet each other.​ ​​​


Treasure what you can see In fact, the number of times each person meets is fixed. Even if we cant meet in summer, we can meet in autumn, but we can meet in winter. Its really not good. Next year is the beginning of spring. Anyway, we will meet no matter what.777 soulmate

♡3♡777 soulmate

I dont have any lofty ideals, I dont want to save the earth, I just want to be as happy as possible to spend day after day, drink your favorite milk tea, wear your favorite clothes, chase your favorite stars, and meet your favorite stars People who let themselves have enough food and drink every day lie in bed and look back on the day when they can feel that they are worthy of themselves today. ​​​777 soulmate

♡4♡777 soulmate

I hope to have very good friends, we can open up our hearts and talk to each other, and occasionally say something inappropriate without worrying about it, we can laugh it off , will quietly prepare small surprises for each other, and be each others trash cans when they are not happy. They can be happy together or cry together.777 soulmate


Gradually, you will find that not all people are suitable for you to share the joy of success, some complain about you showing off, some are jealous, some are disdainful, so we are all slow Slowly become humble until the end The people who can share your pride without reservation, the people who dont resent and smile when you get carried away are the most important people to you. ​777 soulmate

♡6♡777 soulmate

Anyway, I’ve never been sad about the passing of any friend, maybe it’s because I try my best to be nice to everyone when I’m with everyone, and I haven’t done that. I dont have any serious regrets about what I owe, so I am very calm in the face of parting, only a little melancholy, similar to seeing the birds in front of the window stay on the wires for a long time and then fly away.777 soulmate

♡7♡ Accept yourself in every period777 soulmate

enfp soulmate

You dont have to stand at the age of forty to regret the life of twenty, and you dont have to stand at the age of thirty, And to regret the seventeen-year-old love.777 soulmate

We cant stand at the height of the future and criticize ourselves back then, its not fair. If I had to do it all over again, I would have made the same choice with my mind and experience at the time.777 soulmate

Try to reconcile with yourself and accept yourself in each period. ​​


Always remember: everyone pays for what they do. When you make a decision, God has secretly marked a price for everything. After all, people have to pay for what they have done, and no one can escape. ​​​777 soulmate


I still like people who respond to everything, even if I fall asleep in the middle of the chat, and occasionally open my eyes, I will reply, I Just slept over, not let me guess, I can guess is one thing, but you said it is another.​ ​​​777 soulmate

♡10♡777 soulmate

If you like someone, the other person can feel it, especially care, love and tenderness because no one’s heart is a piece of ice that doesn’t melt. There will always be some feedback after the action. If a person says he likes you but doesnt make you feel clear love, clear tenderness and caring, it only means that he doesnt like you that much at all777 soulmate

♡ 11♡

Love is really a super energy thing. It can give people a lot of courage and strength. I will feel that it doesnt matter what I do, whether it succeeds or fails. I dont do anything wrong or not good enough. Relationships, you will know that there will always be someone who will love you. You will love you even if you fail, but you are firmly loved by others. That sentence is like being loved as a backer​​​​ ​​​777 soulmate

♡12 ♡777 soulmate

One day youll understand that what you need is not vigorous love777 soulmate

just want someone who wont leave you when its cold and hell give you a coat when your stomach hurts He will give you a cup of hot water and he will give you a hug when you are sad, just stay by your side like this, not to love you all day long, but to be serious together and never leave777 soulmate


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