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1. Sometimes, we are like fish in a fish tank. We want to say a lot, and the moment we speak, it turns into a string of ellipses. . . . In the end, they remained silent in their hearts.

2. I like you, not because you look good or not, but because you gave me a feeling that no one else can give me in a special time.manifesting your soulmate

3. Some things, think too much headache, figured out distressed. . So, sleep when you need to, play when you need to. No need to regret, if it is good, it is called wonderful, if it is bad, it is called experience. ​​​​manifesting your soulmate

4. When a girl is the coolest, as long as she knows that a relationship is not suitable, she will resolutely say goodbye no matter how sad she is, and she can pretend to be free and easy to move forward and turn around no matter how sad she is. Its lonely for a moment, but you dont know how good-looking your back is.manifesting your soulmate

5. Buy it, dont compare prices; eat it, dont regret it; love it, love it, dont doubt it; disperse it, dont slander it. ​​​​manifesting your soulmate

6. Because of other people’s evaluations, we have rubbed off how many edges and corners, and lost how many unique characters; Look, or live for others to see. ​​​manifesting your soulmate

7. Those who are worse than me have not given up, those who are better than me are still working hard, and I am even less qualified to say that I can do nothing.manifesting your soulmate

8. Every time I want to find someone to accompany, I find that some people cant be found, some people shouldnt be looking for, and some people cant be found.manifesting your soulmate

9. You have to understand that no matter how hot the water is, it will still be cold and full of enthusiasm. The person you love again may leave, so you have to be good and grow up and stop opening your mouth. Cool tea​​​​​​​​.manifesting your soulmate

10. Whether you admit it or not, people do change their character quietly after going through something.

11. Sooner or later, the person you once thought was indispensable will eventually become a person who is nothing but this.manifesting your soulmate

12. I hope that when you love others with all your heart, you can also think of yourself.​​​​manifesting your soulmate

13. No matter what the hell I live in, I believe that I have a bright future.

14. In many cases, silence is not that there is nothing to say, but that there is nothing to say.

15. The essence of life is to live in this world with interest. Keep your eyes open and see the possibilities in everyone you meet –see humanity.manifesting your soulmate

16. If you fail your teenage years, stop wasting your 20-year-olds life, and give your 30-year-old self a way to live.manifesting your soulmate

17. You have to learn, swallow a long paragraph and all your emotions, and express all your thoughts only with um. Its not that youve become apathetic, its that youve learned to live with it.manifesting your soulmate

18. There is an eternal law in the world

infj soulmate type

When you dont care, you get it

When you get better, you will meet better< /p>

Only when you become strong will you not be afraid of being alonemanifesting your soulmate

When you are not afraid of being alone, you will be able to be rather short-lived​​​​

19. Remember Yes, man! No matter who you are with, you must have your own life and your own circle of friends, and dont give up your original life track for anyone. ​​​​manifesting your soulmate

It is pointless to buy a dress you like at the age of 18 at the age of 20.30. Many things have not come to Japan. I want to be happy now.manifesting your soulmate

21. After a tiring day, tidy up your heart before going home, bring the pleasant things into the house, leave the unpleasant things outside the house, calm down and do what you want to do, It doesnt matter how ridiculous or useless, because you have done your best for a day and contributed what you can, and the rest is to be kind to yourself.​​​​manifesting your soulmate

22. I dont like rain, but I like the sound of rain, just like Im a person who loves to laugh, but not a happy person.manifesting your soulmate

23. Some people will like you for no reason, and of course some people will not like you for no reason, understand this, you can be relieved.manifesting your soulmate

24. Life is a show that never ends. Each of us is an actor, but some people obey themselves and some people please the audience.

25. People who smoke can never smell the smoke on their body, just like those who are loved never know how hard it is for those who love you.manifesting your soulmate

26. Some people only do two things in their life, they dont accept it, they fight for it, so they get better and better. There are also people who only do two things in their life, waiting and regretting, so the more confused they are, the worse they are. ​​​​manifesting your soulmate

27. Doing what you have never done is called growth, doing what you are unwilling to do is called change, and doing what you are afraid to do is called breakthrough.manifesting your soulmate

28. Peoples feelings are like teeth, they are gone when they fall out, and they are fake again. No contact is our best relationship; no disturbance is your last tenderness; mutual forgetting is our best destination.manifesting your soulmate

29. When you cant stand it, you can shout to yourself that Im so tired, but you must never admit in your heart that I cant.manifesting your soulmate

30. I like these words very much: I would rather walk in the rain if it does not belong to me; if it does not belong to my heart, I will not keep it; Its not something that was really given to me, I dont care about it.manifesting your soulmate

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