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I remember that one day in 2012, a friend suddenly made an appointment. After meeting, he saw that his face was not good, and he asked the reason in detail.

After hesitating for a long time, he finally said what he had kept in his heart for many years.losing your soulmate

It turned out that this gentleman and his wife knew each other because of their work relationship. In a company where he worked, his wife was the executive director of the company.losing your soulmate

There are some intersections in the usual work, his wife is said to like another Pan surname in the company they used to work for Boy, but the boy surnamed Pan ignored everything except borrowing money from her place, and borrowed a lot of money back and forth.losing your soulmate

It happened that the boy surnamed Pan, whom his wife liked, had more interactions with him at work, and gradually became more familiar with him and became friends .losing your soulmate

After get off work one afternoon, a boy surnamed Pan was having dinner with my friend and asked curiously: How are you and the executive developing? already?losing your soulmate

The boy surnamed Pan was evasive and did not want to elaborate. In this case, the friend called the executive in the name of inviting dinner come out. In the end, there was no result. When they were preparing to go home, the administrative supervisor suddenly stopped my friend and said: You called me out, are you responsible for my safety, should you send me home?losing your soulmate

My friend had no choice but to send him home. When the executive got home, he invited the boy to sit in the house and have a drink. My friend thought, This is also normal.losing your soulmate

After drinking, my friend was about to say goodbye to go home. The girl suddenly stepped forward to hug my friend and said softly: Hug me!losing your soulmate

On that night, a friend who was full of energy had a relationship with the girl who was the executive director of the company at that time. After the incident, the girl took the initiative to The boy added daily utensils and other items. At that time, in the boys heart, he felt that this woman was virtuous and meticulous. The next day, when my friend returned to her place of residence, the girl called and said, “Why dont you go home? Ill cook dinner and wait for you to come home?”losing your soulmate

My friends have experienced things between men and women, but I only know some things about women for the first time from novels and movies. Women will be very happy for the first time. It hurts and bleeds.losing your soulmate

I also asked the woman afterwards: Why didn’t you bleed?losing your soulmate

The woman replied: I used to practice long-distance running in high school, maybe I exercised too much, and the hymen has ruptured since then!losing your soulmate

The boy heard the words, but didnt go into it, and actually didnt understand the reasoning.losing your soulmate

In life, this woman is very considerate and meticulous to her friends.

At that time, my friends thought that this woman was virtuous, sensible, and meticulous. Because there was a relationship between men and women, they were together.losing your soulmate

Later, I also heard some rumors about this woman intermittently from other colleagues, saying that this woman had had several boyfriends before, and Just broke up with my ex.losing your soulmate

A friend also asked about this woman, but the woman denied it directly, saying that her ex-boyfriend was a college student, and she was very simple at that time. , The relationship with the ex-boyfriend only developed to the point of holding hands and kissing the lips at most. It means that I am very innocent.losing your soulmate

Two years later, at the urging of the woman, she got married. At the time of marriage, the woman had been pregnant for several months.losing your soulmate

There was a little episode when I got the marriage certificate, that is, the girl’s age was two years older than the age she told the boy, and it was exactly Three years older.losing your soulmate

Boys think that girls are pregnant with their own children, so if they are three years older, they should be three years older.losing your soulmate

Boys think about the good times and look forward to a bright future.

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But one day, the boy found some sensitive information about the girl chatting with other men from the girls instant messaging tool. The amount of information was huge, The boy collapsed in an instant.losing your soulmate

In the chat log, all kinds of ambiguity and nakedness are revealed.

The saddest thing for boys is that there are some sensitive photos sent by men to girls in the chat records.losing your soulmate

After seeing the photo, the girl showed the kind of need that the boy could not accept.

And the girl also took the initiative to say to the man that her husbands is not as big as that mans, which is not good.losing your soulmate

The friend pointed to the girls chat record and questioned it face to face. The girl said lightly: Its just a chat, dont think too much.losing your soulmate

Under the pressure of friends, the girls couldnt hide some things, so they said that they started living together with their male classmates in the girls dormitory when they were in school. , used a cloth curtain as a cover, and said that all the girls in the bedroom did that. She was not alone, there were several couples living together in the same bedroom at the same time.losing your soulmate

The girl said she didnt live together for a few days, and broke up after just a month.losing your soulmate

My friend was broken down, angry, and deeply distrusted from the bottom of his heart.

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The girl also said that she didnt know this man, she was just curious and chatting.losing your soulmate

At this point, my friend was in a tangle, and he did nothing to the business he had created, and soon there was a business crisis . Faced with the crisis of career and marriage, we also need to consider the feelings of children and elderly parents. That kind of suffering may be difficult for those of us who have not experienced that kind of thing to understand.losing your soulmate

My friend asked me: what should I do next?losing your soulmate

Actually I don’t know what to do, we are all outsiders, the kind of pain that only people who are deeply involved in, we can’t feel that.

I just tell my friends, if you need help with anything, you can always say, 24 hours online.losing your soulmate

Other than that, I really dont know how I can help him.

Many years have passed, but the friend and his wife are still together. Fortunately, the group did not talk nonsense or come up with ideas. .losing your soulmate

Seeing friends again after the epidemic this year, he said calmly: Everything will be settled when his son graduates from high school. I dont want to delay the children, and I dont want to hurt the elderly (his parents-in-law treat him well, and they dont know it).losing your soulmate

I admire my friends tolerance and patience. Maybe this is life.

Fortunately, he is now dedicated to running his business and nurturing his children, but when his children graduate from high school in 5 years, think about the one who once failed His woman is already 45, his youth is gone, he is old, and his friend will only be 42. I dont know what his plans are, and I hope they wont hurt each other.losing your soulmate

All temptations come from curiosity, and curiosity will drive people to make irrational and inappropriate decisions.losing your soulmate

In the world of emotions, there may be no winners.losing your soulmate


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