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Through the ages, men have mostly bowed their waists because of their beauty. There are many stories of heroes and beauties in history. Heroes love beautiful women, and beautiful women love genius things. Today I will talk about Master Li Aos affair and his love story. Li Ao has been romantic all his life. He once talked in the media about the standards of thin, tall, white, beautiful, and young in the media.intj soulmate


Li Ao, born in Heilongjiang, is a modern historian. Current affairs critic, Taiwanese writer, poet, former Taiwan legislator, sought after by Western media as the most outstanding critic in modern China. He is such a man of the era with many reputations. He also has his weak side and his romantic side. one side.intj soulmate


Li Ao was handsome and straight in his youth, and he was keen on the relationship between men and women. If his first love girlfriend Luo Jun met in high school, Li Ao pursued for 5 years before he was promised to hold hands. Later, Luo Junruos parents He strongly opposed the development of this relationship and finally had no choice but to break up, and Li Ao was extremely sad about this. Later, he took sleeping pills and committed suicide.intj soulmate


And when he was in college, Li Ao fell in love with Wang Shangqin, the younger sister of his classmate. At that time, Wang Shangqin was a flower-level figure of National Taiwan University. Later, they fell in love quickly. The two lived together unmarried and gave birth to their daughter Li Wen, but the relationship failed in the end and ended in a breakup.intj soulmate


Afterwards, 32-year-old Li Ao met 19-year-old Xiaolei, and the two dated for three years. After that, Li Ao was imprisoned for some reason, but in prison he resolutely cut off the relationship without dragging each other down. , After 5 years of being released from prison, Xiaolei has become a married woman. When the two were in love, Li Aos poem “Only Love a Little” was changed to a song by singer Wu Qixian, which once became popular in Gotham and was highly sung. Lets enjoy this poem together.intj soulmate


Shortly after he was in, Li Ao caught up with Liu Huiyun, who also graduated from National Taiwan University, and lived with him, but talents have always been romantic. After Hu Yinmeng appeared, Li Ao finally fell in love. , and Liu Huiyun saw that he was unable to recover, and then he voluntarily quit to study in the United States, while Li Ao paid his tuition fees and various living expenses.intj soulmate

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Hu Yinmeng was a beauty in the 1970s and 1980s. Lin Qingxia was the most representative of the Hong Kong and Taiwan beauties of that era, and Hu Yinmeng in the same period was not inferior even if she was in the same frame as Lin Qingxia. In terms of appearance, height and body shape, it is no less than Brigitte Lin, which is also an important reason why the romantic talent Li Ao fell for him.intj soulmate


Hu Yinmeng is 18 years younger than Li Ao, and admires Li Aos talent very much. Even when he was in school, he carried Li Aos books in his pocket. Pampered, and Li Ao also became famous at the time. After the two fell in love, Hu Yinmeng resolutely married Li Ao despite the opposition of her family. Years of media torment and scolding war.intj soulmate


Li Aos final emotional destination is Wang Xiaotun, who is 30 years younger than him. The two met at the bus station. Li Ao took the initiative to strike up a conversation and get acquainted with him, and Wang Xiaotun learned that the person standing in front of him was The famous Mr. Li Ao later expressed his surprise. Wang Xiaotun, who has always admired Li Aos knowledge, quickly got in touch with Li Ao and fell in love deeply. At that time, Wang Xiaotun was only 18 years old. The two broke through the secular barrier and got married after nine years. After marriage, they have a son and a daughter, Li Kan and Li Chen.intj soulmate


And now Mr. Li Ao has passed away, throughout his life, his romantic affairs are as vigorous as his literary talent. His rants are all articles, and his life experience and cultural contributions can be described as a unique master figure in the Chinese literary world.intj soulmate


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