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When I was young, I talked to two girlfriends, but their families were all rural people. They were all poor and earned work points in the production team. At that time, there was not much porridge. One of my parents was still ill, so after I graduated from school, my family was all farmers, so my life was not good there. I really wanted to find someone with a good family background, or if my parents had a daughter from a working family. When I communicated with them, I saw that they felt uncomfortable. I even felt unhappy when I saw my girlfriends parents. I went to her house and remembered that we will live in the future. I cant rely on me, but you want to rely on me! So my mood is often low, and I went to her place to give gifts but didnt. Later, another matchmaker introduced a person. My father was a ferry worker, and my mother was a farmer at home. The so-called ferry worker was working in a state-owned enterprise of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Plant in Sichuan. After repairing the new house, I went to the so-called grooms house for the first time. Breakfast was eggs, which was noisy. At night, I ate wine and meat. At that time, there were only a few households in a village who could eat wine and meat. So I was happy and happy when I met my girlfriend. I couldn’t feel all her shortcomings. I am very happy, but once I went to her house, because of the poor conditions in my house, it was revealed from the eyes of her parents that I did not look down on me. At this time, my heart was full of five tastes, and I felt that I would go to her house in the future. If she quarreled with her daughter a little bit, she might be scolded by her parents. So Im in a dilemma myself! Fortunately, in the end, I finally found a girlfriend who can match me, and the past is full of clouds in front of me!soulmate finder

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