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It makes people happy at first sight, not as long as it makes people tired

Most of the strong feelings are managed by the accumulation of time, not by the first meeting, but by the very close behavior. to make.be my soulmate

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Daily communication, see Jane in small things

Community Neighbors who are nodding acquaintances and who do not have deep friendships ask: “Have you bought a house yet? Why havent you bought a car?”be my soulmate

The relatives who came to visit after a year or even two years or even had something to ask for, asked, “Why arent you married yet?” Why dont you have kids? Look at everyones children who can walk.be my soulmate

It can only be regarded as someone who met by chance. He opened his mouth and asked: How much is your monthly salary, did your parents buy you a house?

Sometimes when you hear these words, do you have the urge to say, “Whats your business? Restraint.be my soulmate


Su Shi once said:Speaking softly and talking deeply is the precept of a gentleman.”be my soulmateHaving a shallow talk, but not talking too deeply, is a respect for others, and it is also a kind of Field self-cultivation.

Long distance knows horsepower, long time sees peoples heart

Talking in a simple way is not a shortcut to a good relationship, but a recipe for self-deception.be my soulmate

I once introduced my cousins painful experience. Friends who are familiar with my articles should know that I have talked about it briefly.

Cousin, as a business manager, had a great conversation with another colleague at a business meeting, and during the conversation, he felt that each other was unusual. When they hit it off, the colleague always praised the topics that the cousin talked about, which made the cousin feel a little bit smug. When he was drunk, he revealed his project plan. Happy to have made good friends.be my soulmate

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A few days later, when my cousin handed over the project to the company, he found out that the project had already been registered. As a bystander, I cant blame the peer, the real blame is the cousin himself.be my soulmate

I deeply agree with the sentenceBe diligent for nothing, if you are a traitor or a thiefbe my soulmate.


Why is it too hasty? If you have a certain amount of affection, you can do things that are a little affectionate, communicate with heart, be cautious in words and deeds, and peoples feelings will naturally develop according to their own laws.be my soulmate

Say deep, greedybe my soulmate

I think everyone has a certain understanding of theHangzhou nanny arson casebe my soulmate. The nannys monthly salary of 7,500 can be considered high, right? The owner has a car to pick up and drop off the nanny. When she encounters difficulties at home, she needs 100,000. She will lend her money without a word. In this way, the nanny still uses a fire. Ended the lives of a family of 4.


The reason turned out to be that she set the fire to put out the fire, ready to rescue the owners family when they were desperate, so that the owner would give her money and thank her for saving her life, but The fire exceeded her expectations. People familiar with the matter revealed that the owner did not know the background of the nanny at the beginning, and she was pitiful and young, so she let her be the nanny at home.be my soulmate

Whether this arson case was caused by covetousness or the scourge of shallow talk, it is thought-provoking.be my soulmate


Friendship is shallow but not deep. It reflects the prudence in dealing with people, and the expression of being mature and wise and knowing how to protect oneself, but at the same time, there is still much beauty and darkness in the world. Only by treating each other sincerely can we reap more happiness.be my soulmate

Sincerely hope that everyone will receive more happiness from each otherbe my soulmate


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