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In life, facing some people and some things, sometimes you choose to forget, which is not a bad thing. Learn to forget and face life calmly, so that you will feel happy.


Learning to forget is a kind of psychological balance, but in reality, you will find that some people avoid talking about the embarrassment and embarrassment when they were disappointed in the past. On the contrary, they like to talk about it. The scenery of the good times. In the process, they forgot one thing, that is, whether it was a success or a failure before, it has become the past. If you blindly indulge in the past and cannot let go, you will only make yourself fall into delusion and not think about progress. , holding back.have i met my soulmate


There are also some people who always like to recall those painful events in the past, and always give people a face full of bitterness, hatred, and unhappiness. The Indian poet Tagore once said. But if you cry for losing the sun, you will also lose the stars. Isnt it, just remembering those sad things will only make you more sad, and the painful past will only hold back your future. Always talking about your own badness is actually taking the mistakes of the past to punish the current self, which will eventually cause trouble for yourself.have i met my soulmate

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A prisoner who has made mistakes before, after he is released from prison, he can tell himself not to make the same mistakes again, but there is no need to keep blaming himself for his mistakes. When you make mistakes, knowing your mistakes can improve a lot. Face yourself, cut out the bad memories in the past, and live a life that can make you feel more meaningful. Such forgetting is also worthwhile.have i met my soulmate

Learn to forget, not to forget everything, we should be selective, for example, there are always some things in life that make you unforgettable, then You should treasure it well. In addition, we should keep in mind the help of others to you, and it is best to forget about others bad treatment of you. This is actually how people are, simple and not complicated, and this kind of life is happier!have i met my soulmate


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