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Speaking of love, I have to say, Mr. Xiaoxian, love is also an invention that needs continuous improvement. The greatest act of unrequited love is realization; feelings make people forget time, and time also makes people forget feelings; such pessimistic feelings, like classics, go deep into the hearts of lovers. However, I still do not see the wisdom or so-called experience in these proverbs. Every time you read it, every time you sneer, do you agree? Hey, I dare not.be my soulmate

Its no use waiting for a plant unless its a sentimental rabbit; dont complain about being out of touch with your feelings, buddy. Nobody likes a guy who is ready to stay put. Even if you go to eat, you cant always eat leek fried godmother in one place. In other words, when you meet love on the corner, you will be supported on the road, you are like a telephone pole. Except for an electrician, who has nothing to touch you and say he loves you like a mouse loves rice? Although not pursuing feelings, being proactive is extremely beneficial. In addition to a few shameless or shameless insults, it can also bring true feelings. Understand: love, waiting for you on the road.be my soulmate

Emotions are exciting and serious hide-and-seek. When you grab it, remember how hard it was. If you cant catch it, you cant forget the fun; falling in love, this is a very troublesome thing, but since its very troublesome, why should you oppose the parents orders and the matchmakers words? Arent you asking for trouble? So, tell your lover that love is a lifetime thing, big things are troubles, and those who are afraid of troubles will achieve nothing, including relationships; when you hear your prospective daughter-in-law calling you to go shopping, don’t look indifferent, and throw away Yuxi and Yuxi in your hands at the speed of Shenzhen. Mouse, walk on the target street.be my soulmate

Its normal for a brokenhearted person to be bored with love. When they saw these words, they naturally felt that they were just speaking from their hearts, so these words inexplicably became the supreme classic quotations, and then this so-called emotional truth was printed into a book, in the form of absurdity pass down. Now it seems that this empathy famous saying not only does not give people any enlightenment of wisdom, but misleads people, it is very pure and direct.be my soulmate

It is said that long-distance relationships cant hurt people, distance is not beauty, but doubt. What doubt? What makes you so paranoid? What is the basis of affection? Trust each other, if you dont even have the most basic mutual trust, then dont worry about such feelings; think about it, the mountains have no edge, the heaven and the earth are together, only dare to say goodbye to you. What does it feel like?be my soulmate

It is said that unrequited love is good, because you will not lose love, buddy, girl, can you practice it for me? If you are afraid of falling out of love, then you can have a crush on that girl forever. Secretly watching the hot girl drool, saying that the incense burner produces purple smoke. This is a wonderful realm. Congratulations, this is the pinnacle. The crush in junior high school was not expressed because of cowardice. Of course the most important thing is not to fall in love early. The high school crush at that time was because you were shy or didnt have the money to buy them meat buns. Although there are thousands of reasons, you are still a fly, flying forever, but that thin enough piece of paper, when she smiled at you and you waved to her, a lonely road stretched to both ends; The ideal is on the same front, and dont end with an empty cup.be my soulmate

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There are no fixed feelings about relationships and no strings attached. Any RV is just a cloud. Are you married or married to the garage? Work hard together if you want. If you think what I want is simple, Im afraid youre used to being laid back. The BMW runs on the highway and the rear wheels turn around. People who are satisfied with their feelings are always happy, and feelings are life. Can you learn how to use roots to wear cold and eat less vegetables?be my soulmate

Girl, you have to understand: dont always expect a man to be handsome and rich. If you think its better to laugh in the back of your bike than in a BMW, cry hard because outside your window, the guy on his bike is happily chasing the sunset. You have to understand that there is no justice in this world, and you will always lose more than you gain!be my soulmate

Boy, you have to understand: dont always expect a woman to love herself deeply and be sensible, but as we all know, a woman is capricious in love; if she is smart and sensible, and takes the overall situation into consideration, 80% of her thoughts are Changed, at least not as firm as before. You have to understand that the only woman who can afford to love you with all her heart is your mother.be my soulmate

If it doesnt work, just look down at your own shadow. Its the only thing that wont leave you.be my soulmate

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