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Although there are hundreds of thousands of flowers in the world, there is only one that can truly belong to and allow us to pick, and that is our own flower.

Each of us, no matter (men or women), is a bright flower, a cheerful person is like a passionate rose, a good-looking person is like a rich and gorgeous peony, Strong people are like arrogant and cold-resistant plum blossoms, talented people are like pure and elegant orchids, and hard-working people are like white and flawless lilacs. Although they have different appearances and different looks, they are famous for their charm and taste. , its just that different people of us have different appreciative abilities.psychic soulmate drawing free

We have to travel through the reality and the Internet every day, beautiful flowers can be seen everywhere, and it is inevitable that we will encounter flowers that please our eyes, because we are all flesh and blood mortals, and everyone has seven emotions and six desires, no matter from From a psychological point of view, it is beyond reproach that you want to own and pick your favorite flowers, but I think no matter how much you like it or how obsessed you are, dont pick it, you must learn to appreciate it, because you appreciate it from a distance. More beautiful and lasting than owning.psychic soulmate drawing free

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Wildflowers originally grow in nature. She bathes in the sun and enjoys the rain and dew. Under the baptism of wind and rain, they will bloom more delicately and more beautifully. If you pick her, even if you put her lovingly in your arms, she will slowly wither and die from your heat. On the contrary, their own flowers will be more and more beautiful. Therefore, friends, please let us all love the flowers around us, and appreciate the flowers outside with this normal and sincere attitude, learn to appreciate others, and you will also be appreciated by others.psychic soulmate drawing free

Please dont say love to a person easily, because love is like a glass of strong wine, you can only drink too much, and if you drink too much, you will get drunk, which will hurt yourself and others. But friendship is not the case. She is like a cup of clear tea. Drinking more is no problem. You can taste it carefully. The more you taste, the stronger it is. Appreciating others is a kind of happiness, and being appreciated by others is also a kind of happiness. If you love someone, dont expect to have it, but learn to appreciate it from a distance, because appreciation from a distance is a kind of beauty!psychic soulmate drawing free

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