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Compared with the love of most ordinary people, the love of entertainment stars gives people more inspiration. In these places where money, power and status are blended, the authenticity of love is easier to detect early, and whether those loves that have been weighed by interests can be like lotus flowers in various complex environments. Lian but not demon? When Feng Shaofeng met Ni Ni and broke through love and abandoned Qingchuan; when Ling Xiaosu remarried and abandoned Yao Chen, a big-mouthed beauty; when Zhao Youting and Zhang Junning broke up peacefully, Gao Yuanyuan was taken by the mistress. Can we experience something from it to warn us about our love? Can we take the pulse of our love and find a person who will accompany us for a lifetime?i want to find my soulmate

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Dang Wu The hero lost the justice in “The Ruffian Hero”, when Zhang Youting inherited the domineering and sexy of the mosquito in “Monka”, when he was regarded as Mark who despised love as always in “LOVE” at first, a man who looks indifferent but yearns for a new life. A man of lasting love. In reality and ideals, in entertainment and life, in perseverance and cheating, how should we choose a person who is worthy of our lives to persevere?i want to find my soulmate

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When dating, you must first determine whether the other party is currently single, so as to avoid being involved in unnecessary emotional whirlpools. When Rin Xiaosu meets football baby, where is Yao Chens happy marriage? When Cecilia Cheung met Edison Chen, where should Nicholas Tses man be? When Myolie Hu met Huang Shaoqi, where did Huang Zongzes seven-year itch go? With constant disputes and tangled entertainment circles, how should the public fans view the separation and integration of idols, and how should we view these marriages that are accelerated by money interests and small three diaosi? When Gao Yuanyuan and Zhang Youting were in full swing, Zhang Junning posted her photo of He Rundong in the scarf. All things have their value in existence. When you cant afford to waver and concubine the ancient well water, everything is meaningless. Zhang Junning explained that she and He Rundong are just friends during the filming, which shows that He Rundong has become her trustworthy friend. Her good sister Zhang Xuan said: Zhang Junning likes calm and powerful boys, all boys are disgusted by her because they are self-righteous and self-righteous.i want to find my soulmate

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The trend of marriage in the entertainment circle actually reflects what most people face in real life. The problem, we can zoom in and out under the microscope to see the minutiae. Love is faithful and sincere. When you have a good impression of a person, you must first check whether the other person is single, whether he cares about you, and whether he has a plan to spend a lifetime together. If you dont even know these things, it is very likely that Xiaosan will play the role of tearing down other peoples families. Although everyone is equal in the face of love, it is also in priority. Two flowers on the wall, sooner or later, it should be yours that will come sooner or later. Dont deliberately touch marginal characters. The lovers who can be poached by you will also be poached by others.i want to find my soulmate

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A boy should have vision and ambition, no matter what the situation is, he should deal with the problem calmly, not panic, not stingy, let alone Spending a lot of money, spending such a lot of money, won the smile of beauty. Dont judge people by their appearance, dont be greedy. Treat the people and things around you with integrity and enjoy the current life. As the most popular beauty in Taipei, Zhang Junning naturally has many suitors, but it is really difficult to find a handsome and caring partner. There is no perfect person in the world. What matters is where you focus on, whether it is a delicate appearance or a strong heart. As her friend Zhang Xuan said: handsome guys are insecure!i want to find my soulmate

Break up is still a brother, why do you have to be flesh and blood to let go boldly, give yourself a chance and give others a ban. It is better to let yourself be in a clean love than to be someone elses unnamed mistress. Those who are obsessed in real life and who are looking for life and death for love should learn to be free and easy of entertainment stars, and they can afford it. I would rather die with the incense stick, and never blow it off in the north wind. What should come will still come, let us wait for new love with a calm mind. For Zhao Youting to Gao Yuanyuan, will Zhang Junnings love be far behind?i want to find my soulmate

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