emotiontwin flame meaning best friend

Some people would say, I have been with so-and-so for a long time, and I will have feelings. But what is love, I dont think anyone can tell, just like no one knows what love is. My math teacher taught me to contain, so I know that love contains feelings.meeting your soulmate

The primary school teacher said that when you write articles, you must write the truth, write out your own true feelings, and reveal your feelings between the words. Such articles is a good article. Then I asked the teacher inexplicably, why the story written on TV is purely fictitious, and if there is any similarity, it is purely coincidental, and why are so many people watching it? The teacher said, you can write whatever the teacher says, dont ask too much. Since then, I have understood a truth: what the teacher said is all right.meeting your soulmate

I gradually learned to read novels, and then I realized that false emotional articles were called novels. So I started to write fake emotional articles. The more I wrote about the feelings in the articles, the more I realized that I was a person who attached great importance to feelings. coexist. Our love is forever and our friendship is forever. In reality, I cant find true friendship, and I cant get the love I long for, and I spend every day in confusion and pain.meeting your soulmate

I grew up slowly, learned to be lonely again, learned to be lonely. Some people say that loneliness and loneliness are innate, you dont need to learn it, you just need to discover it. Suddenly one day, the teacher said to me, you are already in the third year of high school, you should study hard, for yourself, you must work hard. My father told me that you dont have to think about anything other than studying, until you get into college. The classmates joked that we have entered hell, lets start practicing! What I have never found, I have found now, but I have no chance to understand; what I have been looking for, it is time to stop; what I have been longing for, now is not the time. I suddenly realized that I was still very young.meeting your soulmate

twin flame meaning best friend

University is a dream for me, but not an unattainable dream. Friends have said that although dreams are long, we need ideals; no matter how beautiful the rain is, we also need to face the sun. How do I escape and return to reality? Those who cannot adapt to reality will order their bodies to do a free fall. With the help of my physics teacher, I can accurately calculate the time of those peoples whereabouts, and life is At that time sublimation to the highest point. So no matter what, I have to adapt to reality, because I know that life is precious and love is more expensive.meeting your soulmate

Emotions are shared by everyone, and in this competitive society, people have learned to live with masks. Hypocrisy, meanness, and selfishness are all human emotions, but people hide the most sincere feelings, because the most sincere feelings are fragile and need to be protected, not hurt. Everyone is afraid of being hurt, so in order to avoid it, everyone chooses to hide. The feelings you give are like investing in gambling. If you win, you get real feelings; if you lose, you are doomed to hurt yourself and hurt yourself.meeting your soulmate

We are all young, so we are all afraid.meeting your soulmate

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