EmotionaltalkMenandwomenarenotonlycomplicatedintheirrelationship,butalsodifferentinhowtheydothings…intp soulmate

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For many years I have had a feeling that in Among the various relationships in the world, the most difficult to deal with is the relationship between men and women. Because of the relationship between men and women, it is not clear, nor is it clear. You say its a relationship between two opposite sexes, thats too broad; you say its a sexual relationship and its too narrow…psychic soulmate drawing free

< strong>Whether broad or narrow? Anyway, I know that men and women have different attitudes towards things, but dont you see: “Men conquer women by conquering the world, and women conquer the world by conquering men. The so-called heroes are saddened by the beauty pass, and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man, it means that men and women have a relationship. No, the relationship between the two is subtle and complicated.psychic soulmate drawing free

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The main difference in the relationship is that it is not the lack of money in men that disappoints women, but the lack of hope in men. They believe that the real charm of a man comes from a man The fighting spirit and ability that burst forth from oneself. Men must dare to fight and take responsibility…psychic soulmate drawing free

Women will also say: Men should never underestimate a womans determination to share weal and woe, but you have to exchange your sincerity. And dont let a woman adapt to loneliness. Once she adapts, she will no longer need you. Men say Women cant be too strong, otherwise they wont be liked…psychic soulmate drawing free


But the womans answer is: If a woman is not strong, who will help you when you are most helpless? So women can only make themselves strong, Fortunately, the man can help when he is alone in healing, because she does not want to be in pain when disaster strikes…psychic soulmate drawing free

< str ong>The man said that I have a sense of responsibility to earn money, that is, to be responsible for the family. The woman thinks, no matter how good a man is, if he doesnt have time to accompany you, its just a decoration. Love cant wait for plum to quench thirst, hold a photo of a man, and enjoy material life is a happy life?psychic soulmate drawing free

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If a woman is noisy with a man, it means she still thinks it is necessary to be noisy. If she is really angry, dont cry, but dont speak. If you think about it, if there is no dispute, no tears, no words, and no connection, is it necessary for two people to be together?psychic soulmate drawing free

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Therefore, in love and marriage, men are the greatest To fail is to give someone else the chance to laugh at a woman. When he understood, it was useless. The biggest failure of women in marriage and love is to turn exclusive emotions into shared ones.psychic soulmate drawing free

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This is exactly: when you are cold, you can find a place to warm yourself; when your heart is cold, it is hard to warm up. Therefore, we must always remember: empathy is very important. Tolerating others is treating ourselves kindly; forgiving others is giving ourselves a way out; the relationship between men and women is like this, and the road of life is even more so!psychic soulmate drawing free

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EmotionalstoryThewifeistoowillfulandreckless.Afterawakening,thehusbandhastakenhissonabroad,whichisrareinthislifei lost my soulmate


When Tang Shanshan called her ex-husband Yu Hua half a year after the divorce, the phone tone indicated that the number had been shut down. She went to the place where they used to live, and the door opened and a strange couple lived inside. The husband and wife, only after questioning did they find out that the house was bought by the husband and wife two months ago. It was well decorated and they moved in soon. She was a little panicked and immediately called her son Yu Lis teacher. The teacher told her Yu Li The withdrawal procedure was completed two and a half months ago.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshan asked her relatives and friends like crazy, and finally learned that her ex-husband had brought her son to apply to settle abroad. She may never see each other again in this life. Tang Shanshan is stupid and her mind is blank. , she agreed to divorce only because she was angry with Yu Hua. When Yu Hua told her about the divorce, he didnt want to keep her at all, which made her even more angry. She just wanted Yu Hua to coax her and admit her wrong. But really divorced her.types of soulmates

She put forward very harsh divorce conditions, and Yu Hua agreed to them all, which made her feel very shameless. For her ridiculous self-esteem, she took a gamble to sign the divorce. She thought that if she left for a while, If her son didnt see her, Yu Hua would definitely find her to remarry. In the first few months, she secretly went to the kindergarten to see her son. Later, she just came back from a trip. Both her husband and son were gone, and she would never look for her again. Not anymore.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshan returned home in despair. Mother Tang was taken aback. After asking the reason, Mother Tang looked at her daughter with complicated eyes and wanted to say a few words to her, but she couldnt bear to see how sad she was now. Sprinkling salt on my daughters wound, I feel distressed and self-blame in my heart, I feel distressed for how lost my daughter is now, and I blame myself for letting my mother-in-law help take care of my daughter in order to make money. The old man loves the child too much, and the daughter is spoiled. Become competitive and self-centered temperament.types of soulmates

Especially after getting married, her daughters temperament has become more and more paranoid. She has persuaded her many times, and she promised it well in front of her. She was worried that if her son-in-law ran out of patience, what would happen to her daughter, but she would do whatever she was worried about. This time, her daughter got angry and divorced because her son-in-law refused to accommodate her bad temper. After her daughter came back, she said confidently The son-in-law would pick her up, but now the son-in-law and the grandson have disappeared together.types of soulmates

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When Tang Shanshan was born, her fathers tepid business suddenly exploded , her father always said that Tang Shanshan was the lucky star of their family. She started to make a lot of money when she was born, so Tang Shanshan was very favored at home. As long as she cried, her father would try his best to make her happy.types of soulmates

After the familys business boomed, her mother had to help take care of the business, cook for her two school-going sons, and take care of Tang Shanshan. After Tang Shanshan brought her to the meeting, she discussed with Father Tang to send her little daughter to her mother-in-law for a few years. She would pick her up after the child went to school. Seeing that her wife was really tired, Father Tang could only promise to send her baby girl to her. Go home and ask your mother to take it.types of soulmates

Since she was a child, Tang Shanshan was the first one among her friends in their home village. She ate well, dressed well, and played well. She ate all kinds of food that Father Tang brought back from the city every three or five minutes. Fresh snacks; the clothes she wears are beautiful little skirts, which are very special among the little friends; she plays with various toys bought by her parents from the city. Tang Shanshan is the envy of every little friend in the village.types of soulmates

Grandma also loves her very much. The old man has two sons and several grandsons, but only this granddaughter. In addition, the old man is superstitious. Hearing that the eldest son said that this precious granddaughter is a lucky star, I am heartbroken. She valued this granddaughter even more. If Tang Shanshan accidentally bumped into someone while playing with her friends, her grandmother would come and scold others whether it was someone elses fault or not. Slowly, the parents of those children would not let their children play with Tang Shanshan. .types of soulmates

Tang Shanshans childhood was lonely, because her grandmother was too protective of her shortcomings, and no one wanted to play with her. Grandma said to her: “My dear, you will go back to the city in the future, dont be with this muddy child.” Playing together will affect your temperament. The children in the city are all clean. If you play with the mud children often, you will become mud children. If you go back to the city in the future, those children will will laugh at you.types of soulmates

Under the doting and control of her grandmother, Tang Shanshan envied and looked down on her friends in the village. She could only watch them play together from a distance and never joined their circle. Her parents also bought a house in the city and hired a few workers. The business is stable, and the two sons can take care of themselves. Her parents also brought her back to study with her when she was in elementary school.types of soulmates

The age difference between her two brothers is a bit big. When she was in elementary school, both brothers went to high school. For this younger sister who is much younger, as long as she is not particularly naughty, they are also very tolerant of her. The girl is squeamish This is normal. Besides, the mother sent her younger sister to her grandmother in order to take good care of the two of them, which made the two older brothers more accommodating and tolerant towards their younger sister.types of soulmates

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After Tang Shanshan returned to her parents, all the family members she came into contact with were infinitely tolerant to her. Her temper became more and more indulgent. If a six- or seven-year-old girl didnt give anything she wanted, she would sit on the ground and cry like a one or two-year-old child. Mother Tang felt that her daughters temperament was not good, so she wanted to suppress it. For a moment, let her know that some things are not yours if you cry and make a fuss.types of soulmates

Tangs mother just said a few words to her daughter, Tangs father protected her daughter and said that her daughter is to be spoiled, and she will give her whatever she wants, so that when she grows up, she will not be blinded by others. A little favor and Xiaohui coaxed away, so every time Tang Shanshan wanted to lose her temper, Tang father would protect her whenever Tang mother wanted to take care of her.types of soulmates

As time goes by, Tang Shanshan is not afraid of her mother at all. She feels that her mother is not as good to her as her father, and she does not like her that much in her heart. If you are satisfied, go directly to her father. Anyway, as long as it is what she wants, her father will satisfy her, and when she is unhappy, she will say in front of her father that her mother is not good to her, that she does not like her, etc. shape.types of soulmates

After the two brothers went to college, she was the only child in the family. As long as she made her father happy, she basically didnt listen to her mothers words. It was very bad. Her mother was called by the teacher to school several times and said that if Tang Shanshan was not properly managed, it would be an empty talk to want to go to university in the future.types of soulmates

Tangs mother came home and told her husband about her daughter. The husband said nonchalantly, “If I dont pass the test, I wont pass the test. Its not like I havent been to college yet, and now I dont live a carefree life. Youre right. Our daughter is prejudiced. Although our family is not a rich and noble family, it is more than enough to support our daughter. You don’t need to worry so much. The most important thing is the happiness of the child’s life. In the face of her husbands fallacy, Mother Tang was helpless.types of soulmates

Time has passed like this year after year. Tang Shanshan has grown from a little girl to a big girl. They all say that the eighteenth female college girl has become more and more beautiful. The pampered Tang Shanshan is very beautiful. With beautiful clothes and exquisite makeup, she looks like a goddess. The only thing missing is her education. Due to her poor grades, she managed to get a college diploma at her own expense. She also talked to her boyfriend for two. Her pampered temper turned out to be a thing of the past. Seeing that Tang Shanshan was 26 years old, Tangs mother was a little anxious.types of soulmates

My mother is worried about her life-long affairs, but she herself feels that it doesnt matter. She always says that her ex-boyfriend has no vision. There will always be someone who sees her goodness. , Tangs mother asked someone to introduce a boyfriend to her daughter, but Tang Shanshan didnt like it, either because she was disgusted by her parents bad looks, or because she was poor, or because she didnt earn enough money, so friends around Tangs mother saw Tang. The mother was a little scared.types of soulmates

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Tang Shanshan and her ex-husband Yu Hua met in a blind date group called Happy Sunday Yes, Tang Shanshan was moved when she saw Yu Hua for the first time. She fell in love with Hua at first sight. Yu Hua looked gentle and polite on the outside, but he was very humorous in terms of conversation. When the two talked, they made Tang Shanshan very happy. I am also very satisfied, after all, Tang Shanshans appearance is very deceptive, although only a college graduate can dress up as a lady, and according to the information, Tang Shanshans family conditions are not bad.types of soulmates

After comprehensive consideration, Yu Hua felt that Tang Shanshan was a very suitable person for marriage, with a beautiful appearance and a wealthy family. Tang Shanshan felt that Yu Hua was handsome and humorous, and she would be very happy to be with such a person, so The two began to communicate further. Perhaps Tang Shanshan had experience in getting along with her ex-boyfriend and consciously restrained her temper. The two got along pretty well. Mother Tang was relieved to see that her daughters temper had changed a lot. My daughter has found true love, otherwise it wouldnt have changed so much.types of soulmates

The two of them are not too young. After dating for a year, they put the marriage on the agenda. Both Tang Shanshans two older brothers are already married. With a lot of money, Tang’s father bought two houses for his daughter as a dowry. In comparison, the conditions of Yu Hua’s family were a bit worse, but his parents still bought him a wedding house with the full amount. Yu Hua himself His ability is also very good, the monthly salary is five figures, Tangs father is very satisfied with Hua, and his daughter will not endure hardship in the future with such a capable man.types of soulmates

After the lively wedding, the newlywed couple still loved each other for a period of time, but the old saying goes that the nature is difficult to change, and the days of getting along with each other are long. Tang Shanshans spoiled temper is gradually exposed. She knows how to cook and can’t do housework, so she hired a nanny at home. Every time the two of them sat together to eat, she was picky about the food the nanny cooked, and she called the nanny to the dining table to listen to her reprimand, but the next time the nanny pressed She was not satisfied with what she said, but she was still picky when she was eating.types of soulmates

Yu Hua couldnt stand her behavior and said: “Shanshan, can you stop doing this while eating, I think this meal is pretty good!” If you dont like it, you can do it yourself, its not easy for others to do this job, dont always pick and choose, so that those of us who eat will also suffer from indigestion.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshan was immediately angry when she heard her husband speak for the nanny. She insisted: Do you have any special relationship with this nanny? Otherwise, why do you speak for her and protect her? You are too picky. She looks at least a dozen years older than you at her age. If you dont make it clear today, we wont be finished.types of soulmates

Yu Hua didnt expect that his random words would arouse Tang Shanshans series of suspicions. He felt a little unclear. In the end, it was the nanny who watched the couple and she offered to resign. He was also fed up with the hostess temper. He was not too young, and he didnt want to be angry anymore. The quarrel between the two stopped temporarily with the nannys departure.types of soulmates

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05types of soulmates

But the days will continue, after another nanny resignation, Yu Hua She said to Tang Shanshan: If you think the babysitter is not doing well, we will do it yourself. You are not working. Now you will learn how to do housework. After we have children, we will become more proficient in doing things. There are some things that the babysitter can do, and some things. It cant be replaced by others, and I dont like that there are always outsiders in our home.types of soulmates

Yu Huas euphemism and persuasion had a little effect. Tang Shanshan didnt hire a nanny anymore. She could do the cleaning herself if she stumbled. She really couldnt do the cooking. During the day, she ordered takeout. They went out to eat together, but there were differences when they went out to eat. Tang Shanshan tried her best to follow Yu Hua in eating in order to maintain her image when they were in love. Now that the two are married, she doesnt want to wrong herself any more.types of soulmates

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It takes a long time to choose a restaurant every time I eat. I think that the place where Yu Hua chooses is not high-end enough, that there are too many people, and that the food is not good. Her various dislikes make Yu Hua dark. Coming back from get off work, he was already very tired, and he had to accompany Tang Shanshan to hang out during the day to find a restaurant she liked to eat. He once again used his language talents to persuade his wife to find a job. Not so much time to pick and choose.types of soulmates

As a result, this attempt to persuade Yu Hua failed. Tang Shanshan said: I am not short of money, so why should I work so hard? The rent is enough for me. My dad said that people live in the world to eat well, wear well, and play well. I am lucky that my family is rich, and I don’t have to worry about anything when my dad is with me.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshans words confuse Yu Hua. Yu Huas family conditions are good, and her parents are intellectuals. In terms of money, they are not as wealthy as Tang Shanshans family. Facing his wifes remarks, he just felt speechless. Tang Shanshan watched Her husband was very proud of his speechless appearance. This makes Yu Hua very helpless. They are married. Their home is like a hotel, just a place to sleep, without the warmth and fireworks of home.types of soulmates

In order not to want to accompany his wife to eat at a restaurant every day, and to face her so-called exquisite life, Yu Hua began to use overtime entertainment as an excuse to let Tang Shanshan finish the meal alone, while she quietly returned to her parents house After dinner, the good times didnt last long. Tang Shanshan saw that her husband often came home late, so she began to wonder if her husband was out there. Every day when Yu Hua came back, she had to check from head to toe. It was too much to wake up Yu Hua suddenly in the middle of the night. Ask him if he is in love with someone else.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshans neurotic manipulations are annoying to Yu Hua, she can only say that he doesnt want to eat out, so he went to his parents for dinner after get off work and told her not to think wildly. Who knows that Tang Shanshans reaction is her husbands This must have been instigated by her mother-in-law. After her husband went to work the next day, she went directly to her parents-in-laws house to make a scene, saying that her mother-in-law couldnt see the goodness of their husband and wife and wanted to provoke their husband and wife relationship.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshans unreasonableness shocked her mother-in-law. Her father-in-law was so angry that he had a heart attack and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. He knew that his wife had been spoiled by the whole family since she was a child and grew up to be pampered, but pampering and being unreasonable are two different things! For the first time, Yu Hua had the idea of a divorce.types of soulmates

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06types of soulmates

While Yu Hua took leave to take care of her father in the hospital, Tang Shanshan hid back to her parents house. She was frightened when she saw Yu Hua rushing to the hospital with an angry face that day. She didnt dare to go back after leaving the hospital. Seeing his frightened appearance, Tang’s father thought that his daughter was being bullied, and only when he asked the reason why did he know that his daughter was in trouble.types of soulmates

The next day, he and his wife bought a lot of gifts and went to the hospital to see their father-in-law. , was dismissed by Yu Huas mothers unflattering words, Tangs father was very unhappy, but who let his daughter get into trouble? When he was racking his brains to find a way to make his daughter and son-in-law reconcile, Tang Shanshan found out that she was pregnant. , Now Father Tang is happy, this is equivalent to a trump card, he just sits and waits for his son-in-law to come to ask for peace.types of soulmates

After Yu Huas father was discharged from the hospital, Yu Hua called Tang Shanshan and said he wanted to have a good talk with her Talking, only to hear the news of Tang Shanshans pregnancy, the Yu familys family of three fell silent, and finally Yu Hua compromised and went to the Tang family to pick up Tang Shanshan. Tangs father is a smart man. , using the pretext that her daughter is pregnant, she asked Tangs mother to go to her daughters house and take care of her.types of soulmates

Yu Hua didnt object when she found out. It was the same as before, and he was really scared. The acquaintance Mo Ruomu, the arrival of Tangs mother made Tang Shanshan quiet down, her mother took good care of her, and finally passed the pregnancy safely. Nine months later, Tang Shanshan gave birth With their son Yu Li, the two families were very happy, and they were full of thinking about having a child. Tang Shanshan should be sensible and can live a good life in the future.types of soulmates

This kind of happiness did not last long, and Tang Shanshan looked in the mirror after the full moon. After discovering the change in myself, I felt a lot of grief in my heart. The slender waist of the past was gone, the small chin was gone, the waist was bloated, the two and a half chins, the thick neck, and the dull skin. When I looked at Yu Hua again, it was still the same demeanor. A handsome and handsome man, she is full of a sense of crisis.types of soulmates

Although Mother Tang reassured her that it would recover in the future, she couldnt listen. Every day when Yu Hua came back, she would quietly flip through his phone. , searched his pockets, and rummaged in the car from time to time. Tang Shanshans nervousness made Yu Hua miserable. Because his mother-in-law helped take care of the child at his house, he could only pretend he didnt know. Mother Tang also persuaded her daughters actions. Many times, Tang Shanshan didnt listen at all, and she went her own way.types of soulmates

During a shopping trip, Tang Shanshan accidentally found a young woman sitting in her husbands car. She followed her anxiously and saw them entering together. In the hotel box, she rushed in without hesitation, calling her husband to bring the fox When they went out to eat, they saw a large table of people looking at them, Yu Hua was very angry, it was a shame, it was okay to make trouble at home, and now it was in front of his colleagues and leaders, which made him unbearable and went home He filed for divorce for the first time.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshan was a bit frightened by Yu Huas words, and settled down for a long time. During this time, she worked hard to lose weight, and often brought her children with her mother. She no longer left everything to her mother like before. , Seeing the transformation of his wife, Yu Hua did not mention the divorce, but the quiet days have always been short-lived.types of soulmates

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07types of soulmates

After Li went to kindergarten, Mother Tang came to Tang Shanshan’s house less frequently. In the days, Tang Shanshan also learned to cook some simple meals. Although the taste is average, it will not be much better than before.types of soulmates

My son went to kindergarten, and Tang Shanshan started to be a demon again. She had to check her son from head to toe when she came back from school every day. She went to the kindergarten to ask the teacher what was going on. If her son came back with less weight, she would say that the school did not give her son enough food. Once or twice, he was able to explain in good words. More often, the kindergarten leader directly Ask them to transfer their children.types of soulmates

After Yu Hua received a call from the kindergarten leader to find out the reason, she was full of helplessness and powerlessness. Before Tang Shanshan could listen to his words, when the child is a little older, she may know that he is reluctant to bear the child. It would be easy to say divorce, but her temperament began to return to the way she was before.types of soulmates

Yu Hua knew that Tang Shanshans temperament might not change in this life. He didnt want his son to become like this under the influence of his mother in the future. She has less contact.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshan was furious after receiving such a call, and rushed to the kindergarten to make a theory. When Yu Hua arrived, Tang Shanshan was already making a lot of noise, and she even touched the teacher and looked at her wife. She killed Quartet in the kindergarten, and shouted that her family had money, and that she would pay for killing and wounding. Yu Huas head throbbed for a while, and he couldnt pull it off a few times. He slapped Tang Shanshan in a fit of rage. .types of soulmates

The furious Tang Shanshan didnt expect that Yu Hua would do something to her in public. She felt very shameless. She pushed her husband away and took a taxi back to her parents house. Yu Hua apologized to the kindergarten teacher and agreed. Compensation for the loss and medical expenses, and after handling the follow-up, he took his son home. On the way home, he was thinking about Tang Shanshans indulgent temperament. This is simply insane, thinking that everyone outside is her parents and her mother. Take her as the center and revolve around her!types of soulmates

Yu Hua sent his son to his parents house and applied to go abroad. With Tang Shanshans temperament, even if he is divorced, as long as he is still in the country, he probably wont let him go. Going abroad is what he thinks of now. The only way, he didnt pick Tang Shanshan home. Tang Shanshan felt angrier the longer she lived in her familys house. She waited and waited, and before Yu Huas apology came Yu Huas divorce agreement.types of soulmates

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08types of soulmates

If Tang Shanshan used to make a loss, she might show weakness, but this time she was clearly Yu Hua was wrong. She beat her in front of so many people. Now, not only did she not apologize, she also wanted to divorce her. She felt that she was right. ?types of soulmates

The child listens to her so much, and she will say good things in front of the child in the future. Yu Hua attaches great importance to the child. I don’t believe that he will ignore the child’s feelings. She signed it neatly and made an appointment to do it the next day. Divorce certificate. Yu Hua found a kindergarten for her son while waiting for the application. Tang Shanshan often went to see her son secretly when she found out. She felt that as long as her son turned towards her, remarriage would be a matter of time.types of soulmates

She didnt expect Yu Hua to be so determined to leave him. When she felt bored, she went out for a trip and came back. Yu Hua took her son abroad, and she couldnt find out the specific situation. Completely dumbfounded, she still doesnt understand why it was Yu Hua who beat her, but everyone said it was her fault.types of soulmates

Tang Shanshan was in a daze for a long time, and Father Tang felt distressed. At this time, he also regretted that he had not listened to his wifes words to teach his daughter well, and spoiled her daughter. I have a psychiatrist, and I hope my daughter can be happy again.types of soulmates

After more than half a year of psychological relief, Tang Shanshan did not see her family as required by the doctor, and did everything by herself. Under the guidance of the doctor, she understood many things that she did not understand before, and knew how much she used to be. Abominable, slowly making changes.types of soulmates

Three years later, she was introduced to Sun Qiang, a man who lived a steady life. His wife and daughter died in a car accident. Now he is single, with a stable job but a low income. Tang Shanshan felt very secure with him. After the last failed marriage, Tang Shanshan matured and learned how to be a good wife. After marriage, Tang Shanshan gave birth to another son. That piece is slowly filling up.types of soulmates

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Time is the best medicine for pain, everyone is looking forward, Tang Shanshans growth is too expensive, fortunately She finally understood what a happy life is. (End)types of soulmates

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I want to tell you today:

1. Live well, meet slowly, respect and lose

2. Its good

3. Its meaningful to go to each other to meet each other.​ ​​​


Treasure what you can see In fact, the number of times each person meets is fixed. Even if we cant meet in summer, we can meet in autumn, but we can meet in winter. Its really not good. Next year is the beginning of spring. Anyway, we will meet no matter what.777 soulmate

♡3♡777 soulmate

I dont have any lofty ideals, I dont want to save the earth, I just want to be as happy as possible to spend day after day, drink your favorite milk tea, wear your favorite clothes, chase your favorite stars, and meet your favorite stars People who let themselves have enough food and drink every day lie in bed and look back on the day when they can feel that they are worthy of themselves today. ​​​777 soulmate

♡4♡777 soulmate

I hope to have very good friends, we can open up our hearts and talk to each other, and occasionally say something inappropriate without worrying about it, we can laugh it off , will quietly prepare small surprises for each other, and be each others trash cans when they are not happy. They can be happy together or cry together.777 soulmate


Gradually, you will find that not all people are suitable for you to share the joy of success, some complain about you showing off, some are jealous, some are disdainful, so we are all slow Slowly become humble until the end The people who can share your pride without reservation, the people who dont resent and smile when you get carried away are the most important people to you. ​777 soulmate

♡6♡777 soulmate

Anyway, I’ve never been sad about the passing of any friend, maybe it’s because I try my best to be nice to everyone when I’m with everyone, and I haven’t done that. I dont have any serious regrets about what I owe, so I am very calm in the face of parting, only a little melancholy, similar to seeing the birds in front of the window stay on the wires for a long time and then fly away.777 soulmate

♡7♡ Accept yourself in every period777 soulmate

enfp soulmate

You dont have to stand at the age of forty to regret the life of twenty, and you dont have to stand at the age of thirty, And to regret the seventeen-year-old love.777 soulmate

We cant stand at the height of the future and criticize ourselves back then, its not fair. If I had to do it all over again, I would have made the same choice with my mind and experience at the time.777 soulmate

Try to reconcile with yourself and accept yourself in each period. ​​


Always remember: everyone pays for what they do. When you make a decision, God has secretly marked a price for everything. After all, people have to pay for what they have done, and no one can escape. ​​​777 soulmate


I still like people who respond to everything, even if I fall asleep in the middle of the chat, and occasionally open my eyes, I will reply, I Just slept over, not let me guess, I can guess is one thing, but you said it is another.​ ​​​777 soulmate

♡10♡777 soulmate

If you like someone, the other person can feel it, especially care, love and tenderness because no one’s heart is a piece of ice that doesn’t melt. There will always be some feedback after the action. If a person says he likes you but doesnt make you feel clear love, clear tenderness and caring, it only means that he doesnt like you that much at all777 soulmate

♡ 11♡

Love is really a super energy thing. It can give people a lot of courage and strength. I will feel that it doesnt matter what I do, whether it succeeds or fails. I dont do anything wrong or not good enough. Relationships, you will know that there will always be someone who will love you. You will love you even if you fail, but you are firmly loved by others. That sentence is like being loved as a backer​​​​ ​​​777 soulmate

♡12 ♡777 soulmate

One day youll understand that what you need is not vigorous love777 soulmate

just want someone who wont leave you when its cold and hell give you a coat when your stomach hurts He will give you a cup of hot water and he will give you a hug when you are sad, just stay by your side like this, not to love you all day long, but to be serious together and never leave777 soulmate


soul mate meaning spiritual

EmotionalQuotesSharing30EmotionalQuotesEmotionalCopywritingSharingcapricorn and libra soulmates

1. Sometimes, we are like fish in a fish tank. We want to say a lot, and the moment we speak, it turns into a string of ellipses. . . . In the end, they remained silent in their hearts.

2. I like you, not because you look good or not, but because you gave me a feeling that no one else can give me in a special time.manifesting your soulmate

3. Some things, think too much headache, figured out distressed. . So, sleep when you need to, play when you need to. No need to regret, if it is good, it is called wonderful, if it is bad, it is called experience. ​​​​manifesting your soulmate

4. When a girl is the coolest, as long as she knows that a relationship is not suitable, she will resolutely say goodbye no matter how sad she is, and she can pretend to be free and easy to move forward and turn around no matter how sad she is. Its lonely for a moment, but you dont know how good-looking your back is.manifesting your soulmate

5. Buy it, dont compare prices; eat it, dont regret it; love it, love it, dont doubt it; disperse it, dont slander it. ​​​​manifesting your soulmate

6. Because of other people’s evaluations, we have rubbed off how many edges and corners, and lost how many unique characters; Look, or live for others to see. ​​​manifesting your soulmate

7. Those who are worse than me have not given up, those who are better than me are still working hard, and I am even less qualified to say that I can do nothing.manifesting your soulmate

8. Every time I want to find someone to accompany, I find that some people cant be found, some people shouldnt be looking for, and some people cant be found.manifesting your soulmate

9. You have to understand that no matter how hot the water is, it will still be cold and full of enthusiasm. The person you love again may leave, so you have to be good and grow up and stop opening your mouth. Cool tea​​​​​​​​.manifesting your soulmate

10. Whether you admit it or not, people do change their character quietly after going through something.

11. Sooner or later, the person you once thought was indispensable will eventually become a person who is nothing but this.manifesting your soulmate

12. I hope that when you love others with all your heart, you can also think of yourself.​​​​manifesting your soulmate

13. No matter what the hell I live in, I believe that I have a bright future.

14. In many cases, silence is not that there is nothing to say, but that there is nothing to say.

15. The essence of life is to live in this world with interest. Keep your eyes open and see the possibilities in everyone you meet –see humanity.manifesting your soulmate

16. If you fail your teenage years, stop wasting your 20-year-olds life, and give your 30-year-old self a way to live.manifesting your soulmate

17. You have to learn, swallow a long paragraph and all your emotions, and express all your thoughts only with um. Its not that youve become apathetic, its that youve learned to live with it.manifesting your soulmate

18. There is an eternal law in the world

infj soulmate type

When you dont care, you get it

When you get better, you will meet better< /p>

Only when you become strong will you not be afraid of being alonemanifesting your soulmate

When you are not afraid of being alone, you will be able to be rather short-lived​​​​

19. Remember Yes, man! No matter who you are with, you must have your own life and your own circle of friends, and dont give up your original life track for anyone. ​​​​manifesting your soulmate

It is pointless to buy a dress you like at the age of 18 at the age of 20.30. Many things have not come to Japan. I want to be happy now.manifesting your soulmate

21. After a tiring day, tidy up your heart before going home, bring the pleasant things into the house, leave the unpleasant things outside the house, calm down and do what you want to do, It doesnt matter how ridiculous or useless, because you have done your best for a day and contributed what you can, and the rest is to be kind to yourself.​​​​manifesting your soulmate

22. I dont like rain, but I like the sound of rain, just like Im a person who loves to laugh, but not a happy person.manifesting your soulmate

23. Some people will like you for no reason, and of course some people will not like you for no reason, understand this, you can be relieved.manifesting your soulmate

24. Life is a show that never ends. Each of us is an actor, but some people obey themselves and some people please the audience.

25. People who smoke can never smell the smoke on their body, just like those who are loved never know how hard it is for those who love you.manifesting your soulmate

26. Some people only do two things in their life, they dont accept it, they fight for it, so they get better and better. There are also people who only do two things in their life, waiting and regretting, so the more confused they are, the worse they are. ​​​​manifesting your soulmate

27. Doing what you have never done is called growth, doing what you are unwilling to do is called change, and doing what you are afraid to do is called breakthrough.manifesting your soulmate

28. Peoples feelings are like teeth, they are gone when they fall out, and they are fake again. No contact is our best relationship; no disturbance is your last tenderness; mutual forgetting is our best destination.manifesting your soulmate

29. When you cant stand it, you can shout to yourself that Im so tired, but you must never admit in your heart that I cant.manifesting your soulmate

30. I like these words very much: I would rather walk in the rain if it does not belong to me; if it does not belong to my heart, I will not keep it; Its not something that was really given to me, I dont care about it.manifesting your soulmate

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a soulmate

EmotionalQuotesMiscellaneousTalksAboutLife(2)your my soulmate

  1. 1. In this vast sea of people, meet the most suitable person for you; in this boundless time, there is no hurry, Not late, just right.

  2. 2. Then laugh out loud, do not deliberately restrain yourself, dare to love and hate, and do not leave any regrets for yourself.soulmate love


  3. 3. Live for us It is really difficult, not only to bear all kinds of pressure from the outside world, but also to face the confusion from within. When you are struggling again, if others can understand you, you will also feel the slightest warmth. Maybe it is just a momentary look, which is also worthy of our gratitude.soulmate love

  4. 4. No gimmicks, no prestige, no prosperous or lively love may be the real love .soulmate love

  5. 5. When reality and ideal suddenly collide, you will face a painful choice. Either you are defeated by cruel reality or you are defeated by cruel reality.soulmate love


    my celebrity soulmate

  6. 6. Is it successful? It is not something we can control. Since you have chosen a distant place, you only need to go through trials and tribulations; we do not know whether you can win love or not. Since you are devoted to roses, you should boldly reveal the fragrance. Dont worry about whether there will be a cold wind, warmth is just passion, and you can no longer pretend to be patient for a long time.soulmate love

  7. 7. The meaning of life is to give, I dont expect anything, although sometimes the reward is more tempting than the giving.soulmate love

  8. 8. Complaining is the biggest offering of human beings to God, and it is also the most real prayer in human beings part.soulmate love


  9. 9. Love is Such a confrontation and such a wonderful thing may seem like hate, but it is actually love. There are quarrels outside and concern inside. The most vicious words are often said to the person who only loves, and the most regretful feeling is always after the lover leaves.soulmate love

best friend soulmate

Emotionalperceptionoflifesoul partner

The sky and the earth are so far apart, but they are always together. Because their hearts are always together. Birds in the sky, you are more lonely than me, or I am more sad than you. For the rest of the time, you accompany me, okay, so that you are not lonely, and I will not be sad The fairy tale is over, forgetting is happiness.be my soulmate

Sometimes, one kind of love cant really be used to measure another kind of love. Some love, you are not the party, you simply can not understand. Why not choose to let it go, because we want ourselves to be happy, lets love when we can, dont let your love wait too long, dont let your happiness wait too long.be my soulmate

Dont change yourself against your will for the so-called love. Love is not about how much you have changed, but how long you have been holding on. Dont make waiting become a torment for the so-called love. The more extravagant hopes, the less likely it will give back to you; dont want to be hurt rather than look back for the so-called love, the extinguished flame can no longer be burned, and in the end you can only use your blood and tears to slowly melt all the pain at the beginning. .be my soulmate

Its not easy to find someone you love, nor is it easy to find someone who loves you. If you cant be sure which one is your favorite, why not cherish the relationship when you become someone elses lover? Love comes from the heart, you tell yourself that you love him, and you can naturally fall in love with him.be my soulmate

No matter how bad your conditions are, there will always be someone who loves you; no matter how good your conditions are, there will always be someone who doesnt love you, meets the right person at the right time, This is a kind of fate, and this kind of fate just needs to wait patiently and experience all kinds of setbacks to meet. In your world, there will always be someone who loves you more than you imagined.be my soulmate

manifesting soulmate

Many people have been hurt by love, so they no longer believe in love. But in fact, these people are the ones who know love the most. It is because of the injury that I understand. Because it is lost, it is to cherish it. Because of betrayal, so is loyalty. They look indifferent, but in fact they have a heart that lacks love the most.be my soulmate

It is the highest state of love to have each others intentions without saying it. Because at this time, both of them are enjoying the wink, the fiery psychology when the eyes meet, and the thrilling feeling when the fingers touch each other. Once it is said, the taste will be much lighter, because after the two agree, all behaviors have been approved and psychologically prepared, and will gradually become numb in the end.be my soulmate

Love is not the same as love. When two people have feelings, it is likely that they are just a tacit understanding that has been established over time. It may be a common hobby and interest, or it may be just friendship and family affection. But love is much more complicated. Love will be jealous, hurt, happy, and sexual. Never say love easily just because you have feelings for someone. Love is a whole-hearted giving.be my soulmate

Love is unreasonable. At the end of the dispute, the reason is clear, but the feelings are gone. Using the laws of reason to control the emotional, I am afraid that the result is only cold and ruthless. Two peoples affairs, dont need to understand too much, control it by yourself, and each person has his own sense of proportion.be my soulmate

have i met my soulmate

Emotionalmiscellaneoustalkisalwaysannoyedbyruthlessnesssoulmate connection

Maybe Ive never been the hero of the world with my feet on colorful clouds. But I will be the supreme treasure who will never turn back for love. ——Inscription

When I cant sleep, I read the mood in the pile of old papers from the beginning to the end, and my sentimentality seems to have become my label, and it has also set the tone for my life. Sensitive people have a glass heart, which seems crystal clear and shatters when they let go. They are often too sensitive and too detail-oriented, and such people are often unhappy.soulmate aus

They look perceptive and pay attention to every detail. See what others cant see, and perceive what others cant. But they are also easily ignored. Every night, loneliness strikes, and the soul is ruthlessly torn apart. He tried to experience other peoples grief and share it for her. But no one wants to experience you, and no one wants to feel the same way about him.soulmate aus

He cares about your every move and observes your emotional state. He has insight into all your emotions, but it is too late to understand. Maybe your smile will make him feel like a spring breeze, and a phone call will make him fall into the abyss. He will have more intense emotional ups and downs than ordinary people. They are troubled by gains and losses, and moody. Being troubled by other peoples emotions, pulling. Those who experience the emotions have not had time to digest, they will fall into the emotions and cannot extricate themselves. They always seem emotional and neurotic because no one understands.soulmate aus

Sensitive people are empathetic and they are more likely to empathize, which is a caring trait to others but can be a nuisance to sensitive people. Because sensitive people are also accompanied by sadness, the more people who care about them, the more eager they are to get care from them. Whether they are thinking or acting, they will regard the emotional state of others as a more important reference standard than themselves. He will be happy because of your happiness, will be happier than you, and have a sense of satisfaction. Will also be sad because of your sadness, sadder than you, and feel self-blame.soulmate aus

There are many sensitive people in life, everyone has this tendency, but some people are good at hiding, and some people show it naturally. Sensitivity makes people sad, and sadness makes people extra sensitive. Sometimes I keep getting myself into a maze like this, an infinite loop. Sometimes I feel that my emotions are like rolling dice, and the results are random. Maybe I am happy when I encounter a happy thing one second, and immediately switch to a depressed mode when I encounter a sad thing the next second. This is the norm. But the right to roll the dice is in the hands of others. In other words, your mood is always in the hands of others.soulmate aus

twin flame meaning best friend

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I don’t know what makes me so sensitive and getting more and more indecisive. The sadness that sensitivity brings to me is more accurate than that of a girl who comes to my aunt. Every time I feel sad because of sensitivity, I become cautious and think over it over and over again. Maybe in the eyes of the other party, it is not a man at all, or even disgusted. In fact, I just feel that I lack an unscrupulous identity, a righteous qualification. A do-it-yourself gesture.soulmate aus

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But I have never been troubled by the emotions that go along with my life. Instead, I thought sensitivity was a gift that freed us from vulgarity and numbness. It gives sensitive people a richer perception and allows me to see more details of life and the world. I am also fortunate to retain my sensitivity in such a world, no matter what kind of incompatibility.soulmate aus

The so-called sensitive, the so-called sad, in the final analysis, it is because the affectionate you are annoyed by the ruthless her. Every day, wearing a mask, always smiling. Every late night, tear off the disguise and burst into tears. Sensitivity and sadness seem to be twins, no matter which one you meet, the other will meet unexpectedly. The more you want to break away, the more addicted you are, the more no one can understand you. Those who are intentional are tired, those who are unintentional do not care, and those who are unintentional do not care, because the distress that cannot be achieved by thinking makes us swaying oars in the sea of our hearts and cannot be calmed down.soulmate aus

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The laughter gradually fades away, but the passion is mercilessly annoyed .soulmate aus

karmic soulmate twin flame

Emotionalmiscellaneoustalkaboutwhatcanmakeagirlfallinlovewithyouwillinglysoulmate meaning

For many men, women are the most difficult animals in the world to understand.

On many social platforms, we often see that many men are at a loss when facing women, where do you live, how old are you, what are you doing, and a few lines of forced conversations that look up household registration make outsiders feel embarrassed when they see it . More people simply dont bother to go straight to the topic. In this scene, it was as if the woman was still sitting upright, and the man was already running wildly there. In the end, their words and deeds are often regarded by women as a model of a problem with their brains, and they are shown on display.soulmate birthdays

According to a woman who angrily uninstalled social media,men like this make up 60% of the people she strikes up withsoulmate birthdays.

Some people ask, is it because the survivors are biased, and some men with poor quality will come to this kind of social media for a while? No, no, those men with high quality, high level, and high status know women very well? We often see various scandals and cases, and some high-ranking figures talk about women. Objectifying women sees women as playthings. A wealthy family, such as a certain Sicong, is also vulgar and ignorant when it comes to emotional matters, just like ordinary people. A few days ago, a local official made a mistake in the chat group, and a sentence of Chi Guoguos plea for joy made him lose his black gauze hat, which was pitiful and pathetic and lifelike.soulmate birthdays

Not understanding womens hearts is a common problem for men, regardless of high or low, regardless of education and occupation. The course of understanding women is a brand new subject for men and needs to be learned from scratch. And unfortunately, there are no textbooks, no teachers, or even a title for this course, so its all up to you to guess.soulmate birthdays

Well, the question is, how can a woman open her heart?soulmate birthdays

I guess this topic may be very interesting to a considerable number of men (even some women), this is a topic that many people want to know for various purposes, but cannot speak.soulmate birthdays

Where are the keys?soulmate birthdays

Mr. Qiaoyuan would like to introduce a case first.soulmate birthdays

Many years ago, I once chatted with a female netizen on QQ (there was no WeChat at that time), and the two sides were just simple netizens chatting, so it was more open. This is a rural woman who lives in a suburban county of the city. Her education level is not high, and her life is only a husband and a child. Talking about her married life, she said that she was not happy and life was boring, and that was enough.soulmate birthdays

Im surprised, why, is he not good enough for you? Domestic violence? Dont do housework? Is there someone outside? Married life is not normal?soulmate birthdays

None of them, she said. Her husband does not have these problems, and the married life is normal.soulmate birthdays

Then why? I am even more puzzled.soulmate birthdays

He doesnt understand style, she said.soulmate birthdays

According to this woman, her husband doesnt know anything about romance, he has no fun in life, he cant say love, and he cant give small gifts. Will not send flowers, will not express. For him, the only way to love his wife is to try his best to be like her. He thinks that is the expression of loving his wife, but its not. The woman doesnt like it in her heart.soulmate birthdays

You must know that this woman does not have too high cultural literacy and education, she is an ordinary rural housewife. But her love and pursuit of love are no different from those of highly educated Kochi or wealthy women. If you think that a low-level woman doesnt need love, youre dead wrong.soulmate birthdays

Therefore, the answer is actually ready to come out. Just like the nature of men who like to go straight to the topic, it is also the nature of women to like romantic love. There may be women in this world who are not keen on dressing up and losing weight, but looking around the world, if you want to find a woman who really doesnt need love, is there?soulmate birthdays

At least Qiaoyuan-kun has never seen it before.soulmate birthdays

But what makes Hashiyuan-kun always puzzled is that in fact, there are countless articles about this truth, and they are broken apart and smashed. Why cant many male compatriots understand, cant see, or even dont want to see it?soulmate birthdays

Sometimes I really feel how difficult it is to understand each other between people.soulmate birthdays

As we all know, the physiological structure of men and women is different, men are only responsible for providing raw materials, not responsible for specific fertility. On the contrary, women are directly responsible for having children, and childbirth requires a lot of physical and mental resources, exhausted and scarred, so they are particularly dependent on men’s protection and support. Physiological and psychological roots of commitment and companionship). Dont underestimate the sense of security they talk about every day, this is actually very, very important for women.soulmate birthdays

Nowadays social productivity is developed, women can also earn money to support their families and create wealth. Therefore, their requirements for mens wealth are not as demanding as in ancient times (although they are also very important), but their single-minded psychological dependence on men, the social and psychological roots formed over thousands of years, has long been engraved into it. In a womans genes, it becomes a Pavlovian instinct that does not need to be cultivated at all.soulmate birthdays

So we see that on social platforms, 99% of women who are single or divorced are serious and serious. That seriousness is comparable to a man attending a high-level party and government meeting.soulmate birthdays

find soulmate

A happy marriage is the biggest politics in a womans life.soulmate birthdays

Women dont like to play, women cant afford to play.soulmate birthdays

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With enough love, she is yours, and you can do whatever you want. Dont talk about dating, she may take the initiative to rush to give birth to monkeys for you.soulmate birthdays

Love is the best thing for a woman. In fact, this sentence has a profound meaning and is a well-known saying. But how many people have seriously thought about this sentence?soulmate birthdays

And the few men who realized this truth began to be complacent, complacent, and even have a bad mind, trying to take advantage of this psychological feature of women to take advantage of love. to cover their own goals.soulmate birthdays

Over the years, we have seen many love liars, in the name of love, go to the real world, cast a wide net, and welcome all who come. There are so many girlfriends that they can organize a group by themselves, and some even shuttle between many women, making many women pregnant without any sense of disobedience, and do not join the group until an accident occurs.soulmate birthdays

What is intriguing is that many of these love liars are actually ordinary ordinary people, without extraordinary looks, wealth, or wealth, and most of them even have a seemingly loyal appearance.soulmate birthdays

But they know women need love.soulmate birthdays

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What is even more intriguing is that in many cases, many of the deceived women do not even repent after learning the truth and still wait wishful thinking His prodigal son turned back, fantasizing himself to be the Virgin.soulmate birthdays

These women can even lower all their bottom lines for love. So much so that a very sarcastic remark was made recently: Although the scumbag is scumbag, he is fragrant.soulmate birthdays

We will not comment on their addiction, but from one aspect, it can actually show how much women crave for romantic men who understand their hearts?soulmate birthdays

So, if you want to date a woman, start by loving her.soulmate birthdays

To understand her thoughts, to understand her life, to give her spiritual companionship, to praise her, to support her, to encourage her, and to provide emotional value. In short, love everything about her.soulmate birthdays

I cant guarantee that every woman you meet will be touched by you like this, but there will always be one who is touched by you, that day. And, the day might come sooner than you think.soulmate birthdays

You have no promise of marriage, no proud wealth, no continuous and patient emotional support, and no sincere love. Why do you say women want to be with you? You tell me. What is she drawing?soulmate birthdays

Im great at something? Come on, do you really think women are as rare as you are? 55% of Chinas population is men, more than 800 million, you cant even rank as a substitute.soulmate birthdays

Dont just think about appointments, forget about the word from now on.soulmate birthdays

When you are reborn, you truly understand and love women. When you overcome your irritable physiological impulse and patiently accompany a woman.soulmate birthdays

Youll find out-soulmate birthdays

How sweet it is for a woman to fall in love with you.


losing your soulmate

EmotionalmentorTuLei,whoistoblamefortodaysendingsoulmate love

Tu Lei, the emotional mentor in “Battle of Love”, is definitely the soul of the show.

He always points out the problem sharply, and often because Excessive rhetoric caused controversy.

In the past two years, this emotional mentor has disappeared.friend soulmate

How did Tu Lei go from peak to trough?

< /p>

In 1977, Tu Lei was born in an ordinary family in Nanchang, Jiangxi,

from his notes At first, his mother was lying on the bed.friend soulmate

When he grew up, he realized that his mother was paralyzed and could no longer stand up.

Mother Tu suffers from severe rheumatoid, and the pain is terrifying.

can only stay in bed all year round, sometimes It is difficult to even take care of yourself, let alone housework.friend soulmate

The big and small things in the family all fall on the father alone.

Father Tu has a grumpy personality, and it is inevitable that he will be angry with him. The mother and son lost their temper,friend soulmate

but each time they lost their temper, they continued to take good care of them, and again and again.

< /p>

This family environment made Tu Lei very dull when he was a child.friend soulmate

I always felt that my mothers illness was a Because of his own creation,

he could only be extra sensible and learned to buy and cook at a very young age,

actively Helping father to share the housework, but also trying to find a way to make mother happy in bed.friend soulmate

There were also many relatives who suggested that Father Tu get a divorce. After all, he was still young at the time.friend soulmate

After divorce, he could find a good one s wife.

Fortunately, although Tu Leis father has a big temper, he cant bear to leave their mother and son.

Wife has been paralyzed for many years Do not give up.friend soulmate

Perhaps it was this contradictory marriage that gave Tu Lei his own views on love,

He is a bit more mature than children of the same age.

Mother regards her son as her only hope in life and often teaches him to study hard.friend soulmate

But Tu Lei gradually became a little rebellious from adolescence and had more and more ideas.

caused His grades declined, and he failed to get into the ideal school in the final college entrance examination.friend soulmate

In 1996, Tu Lei was admitted to the Department of Computer Science of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, which is a specialized college.

, three years later he graduated and entered the society and began to work.friend soulmate

Tu Lei initially worked in a local bank in Jiangxi,

professional counterparts, stable income, can be regarded as iron A job,

is also the safest job in the hearts of parents.friend soulmate

But Tu Lei wanted to make more money while he was young and didnt want to stay in the bank all his life.

just did it Three months later, he resigned decisively despite the opposition of his family, andfriend soulmate

then joined a company to work in sales.

This job has given Tu Lei a lot of training, and he has also met people of all types.

It also gives his eloquence a workout.friend soulmate

Soon Tu Lei did a good job in the sales position, and his income was several times as much as before,

But he did not Not satisfied with such achievements, he had to change jobs after just over a year.friend soulmate

He went to be the general manager of a similar company when he was only 23 years old.

Just a few years after graduation, Tu Lei saved half a million in savings.

In 2000 For a young man in his early twenties,friend soulmate

is already a very impressive achievement, and buying a house and a car is not a problem at all.

But while Tu Lei is rapidly accumulating wealth, his ambition is also growing. Capital market, opened an investment company with friends.friend soulmate

< /p>

Tu Lei put all his 500,000 deposits into this company,

When he dreams of doubling his assets, his partner runs away with all the money.

This is the first huge blow in Tu Leis life,friend soulmate

the money he has earned over the past few years overnight All the time came to nothing, and

also made him deeply realize the cruel comparison of trust and interests between people.friend soulmate

During that time, Tu Lei wanted to get his money back like crazy,

even took a kitchen knife I went to a friends house for a theory, but luckily I was caught by a policeman.

I stopped him in time to avoid an accident.friend soulmate


In the end, Tu Lei could only accept his fate and persuade himself to start all over again.

But this is in Nanchang, Jiangxi. He couldnt stay in the city any longer.

Here all the people and things he knew made him sad.friend soulmate

In 2004, Tu Lei came to Changsha at the age of 27 with his only 1,000 yuan left.

He wanted to start from scratch here, but he didnt choose the field he was familiar with before.friend soulmate

Want to change to another industry, but didnt know where to start.

Just when he was at a loss, a job advertisement caught his attention,

Changsha Radios ” Lushan Night Talk is recruiting a radio host.friend soulmate

Changsha, which owns Hunan Satellite TV, the leader in the TV industry, was already a city full of media people at that time,

never contacted Tu Lei, who has been in related industries, also became interested.friend soulmate

< /p>

He used to help friends analyze emotional problems at work,

sometimes This kind of topic is used as a talking point when socializing.

Tu Lei is always able to make others stunned in one sentence, and is often appreciated by friends.friend soulmate

And “Lushan” “Night Talk” is also a talk show focusing on solving emotional problems.

Tu Lei then applied for the job. He, a non-college candidate, successfully defeated more than 400 candidates.friend soulmate

Competitor, became the host of this show, and

has officially become a TV personality since then.

Tu Lei just took over the show, and with his sharp words,

spotted and insightful harvest It was well received, and the listening rate of the program also rose sharply.friend soulmate

The number of people who called in at the same time to inquire about relationship problems exploded,friend soulmate

< span>A tepid radio show was saved by him.

He then hosted the talk show “True Love Reception Room”,

Tu Lei decided from the beginning His own sharp-edged hosting style,

and identified an emotional line that suits him very well,friend soulmate

he learned from a layman Become a newcomer to host a lot of attention.

< /p>

Tu Lei is different from the host of previous emotional programs, persuading the parties in a gentle and euphemistic way,friend soulmate

He often slams the punch and makes the audience very entertained.

However, his style and reputation are polarized. Some people are stunned by his advice, and

Some people are hurt by his words, Hatred for him.friend soulmate

Tu Lei once encountered someone with a knife trying to get revenge on him when he was off work.

Fortunately, he responded quickly, Just in time to hide in the car to escape.friend soulmate

At that time, although Tu Lei had just gained fame, his income was not high,

and he also faced various evaluations Not sure if Im a good host for this job.

At the crossroads of this life, Tu Lei met his love,friend soulmate

she is A female college student named Xiao Wanzi is nine years younger than Tu Lei.

The two met once on the show and left contact information for each other.

Since then , Tu Lei thought about contacting Xiao Wanzi frequently.friend soulmate

At that time, Tu Lei didnt have any advantages. He was old and his income was not high.

Dont talk about buying in Changsha Buying a car and a house is a problem even for his own life.friend soulmate

When he first became a radio host, his salary was only a few hundred yuan.

But Maruko did not dislike him at all and became his girlfriend firmly,

also in his girlfriends Encouraged, Tu Lei began to take over more TV programs,friend soulmate

opened the model worker mode, and officially switched from radio to TV screen.


Since 2006, Tu Lei has more and more programs in his hands,

not only There are emotional programs and current affairs, without exception, they are all sharp styles.friend soulmate

At this time, Tu Lei attracted countless fans with his clever mouth,

soulmate drawing free

became a household name host, An offline meeting has also been held, andfriend soulmate

every time there are thousands of fans.

As his career continues to rise, Tu Leis income is also getting higher and higher,

He and Xiao Wanzi finally leave into the palace of marriage.friend soulmate

Xiao Wanzi is from Hangzhou, an ordinary person. Originally, the two planned to go back to their hometown in Hangzhou.

< p>Meeting father-in-law and mother-in-law, but because Tu Lei is too busy with his work,

has been unable to spare time, so Xiao Wanzi also gave consideration to this,

And reassure him that you are where you are.friend soulmate

The most regrettable thing is that Tu Leis mother failed to see her sons achievements.

She was bedridden for most of her life , all her hopes were pinned on her son,friend soulmate

When her sons career finally improved, she passed away.

Little Maruko has become a new spiritual pillar in Tu Leis life,

Always stand by his side and support him him, understand him.

Later, the two gave birth to a daughter, and Maruko took care of him full-time Baby,friend soulmate

let Tu Lei have no worries.

But Xiao Wanzi and Tu Lei made an agreement to wait until the child is five At the age of

no matter how busy you are, you have to put down your work and return to your family.friend soulmate

As a father, you can’t miss the most important part of your child’s growth. An important stage.

Tu Lei abides by this agreement and continues to work hard to create better living conditions for the mother and daughter.friend soulmate

< span>At this time, he has become the host of “Its You”,

The emotional mentor of “Love Defense”, and has become a first-line host in the industry,friend soulmate

The ratings and discussions of several programs remain high.

, criticism also followed,

The paparazzi photographed Tu Lei eating with a lady named Xiong Dan,

And rumored that the other party was his wife, and also implied that he was cheating.friend soulmate

After this news broke, Tu Lei specially released a handwritten letter,< /span>

This is also the first time he exposed his wife, Xiao Wanzi, and showed his love generously,friend soulmate

said that he only loved him in this life.< /span>

Afterwards, there have been several cases of Tu Lei getting divorced Rumors,

Every time a family is involved, Tu Lei will not hesitate to fight back,friend soulmate

he uploaded a family of three They took a group photo with happiness, and took great care to put up mosaics for his wife and daughter.

I was so angry that if there were any more similar rumors, they would definitely be put into law.friend soulmate


After this matter was clarified, Tu Leis style aroused heated discussions again.

Although he He has always been known for his sharp words,

but in the job-hunting program “Its You”, he was questioned as watching people eat dishes.friend soulmate

In the face of unqualified players, he humiliated and even implied that the boss turned off the lights.

However, in the face of conditions For better players, he is more restrained.friend soulmate

As a host, he does not treat the players fairly,

also Use your own judgment to guide the audiences emotions.

< /p>

Although this show made Tu Lei controversial, it also increased his popularity.friend soulmate

< span>Nowadays, the entertainment industry is black and red as well. Only when there is a topic can it have commercial value.

Tu Lei is more favored by some programs because of his controversial nature.friend soulmate

In “Love Defence”, he is even more of a Dinghaishenzhen.

This program started in 2010, hosted by Zhao Chuan,

mainly solve some real emotional cases, many All parties involved voluntarily sign up.friend soulmate

This show has also invited many emotional mentors before, but they were unable to sit still,

until Tu Lei After I came, I formed a golden partner with Zhao Chuan.friend soulmate

Both of them have strong personalities. They cooperate with each other and can quickly find the entry point.

At this time, Maruko made an exception to accept an interview in the show “Love Defense”,friend soulmate

< span> revealed an unknown side of Tu Leis life.

Tu Lei in life will not be as serious and strong as in the show,

he is a gentle husband , very sympathetic to his wife,

is also a daughter slave, and the family of three lives very happily.friend soulmate

Seeing that Tu Leis career and family have a good harvest, but he was once again sent to the hot search by a revelation,

2019 In 2018, netizens uploaded a photo of Tu Lei pedaling the cabin on the plane.friend soulmate

He wore slippers and his feet were on the cabin wall, which looked very indecent.

< /p>

This revelation brought Tu Lei’s reputation to the bottom. As a public figure,friend soulmate

< p>However, he doesnt pay attention to his public image, and he utters nonsense on the show to educate others.

Tu Lei then immediately posted a clarification, saying that he had varicose veins caused by standing for a long time.

Follow the doctors advice Lifting up to a high place can help relieve symptoms, andfriend soulmate

he also made a special apology video to express his sincere apology.

But Tu Leis explanation did not get the understanding of netizens, but instead mocked him,

This is him The biggest word-of-mouth crisis in the industry.friend soulmate

Soon after Tu Lei announced on Weibo that he would withdraw from “Love Defense”,

< span>The reason is that the five-year appointment with his wife has come, and he wants to return to the family to accompany his daughter to grow up.friend soulmate

Tu Lei often shows his love to his wife Xiaowanzi in a high-profile manner,

At the age of 520, he couldnt accompany his wife because he was working away from home,friend soulmate

dedicated a confession dance to his wife,


The playful appearance when dancing is different from the serious one in the show.

Once Tu Lei said during the live broadcast that his wife at home is a temperamental one,friend soulmate

I was also often trained, and as a result, I was counterattacked on the spot by the small balls sitting next to me.

The way they were fighting was no different from a normal couple.friend soulmate

At work, Xiao Wanzi is Tu Leis perfect helper,

every time he travels on business, the luggage is Little Maruko is responsible for cleaning up,

every time a note will be attached, which details the matching of each set,friend soulmate

He should be told to eat an apple every morning, and apply a mask and eye drops at night.

Only from this point, you can feel the happiness of the husband and wife.

< /p>

From this, it can be seen that Tu Lei does have a happy family,friend soulmate

worthy Let him give up his career to be with his family.

Nowadays, Tu Lei has greatly reduced the recording of TV programs,

instead embarked on the road of live broadcast and delivery, Sometimes live-streamed to answer emotional questions.friend soulmate

But Tu Lei still has an old problem, a high attitude,

often blackface to fans, live broadcast He was not dedicated enough to bring the goods,friend soulmate

once selling durian, the staff were immersed in enjoying the delicious food,

he But he looked disgusted, and he didnt have the professional quality of being an anchor with goods.friend soulmate

< /p>

However, there are still many people who are willing to watch Tu Leis live broadcast, and even like to watch him scold fans,

Sometimes an hour of live broadcast will earn tens of thousands of dollars in rewards.friend soulmate

It is easier than being a show host. It seems that Tu Lei is well versed in the way of Internet celebrities.

From gold emotional mentor to internet celebrity anchor, Tu Lei doesnt know what else is possible,friend soulmate

while he works There is also a huge contrast between the iron face in time and the tenderness in life.

I hope he really gives emotional advice to help the audience in distress,friend soulmate

Instead of grandstanding with sharp eloquence.


The source of the picture is from the Internet, and the infringement contact will be deleted

karmic twin flame

Emotionalhealingtextmeeting your soulmate

< strong>< strong>< strong>< strong>< strong>< /strong>< /strong>span>strong>strong>span>strong>strong> strong> strong> < /strong>

First, if you want to forget a relationship, there is always only one way: time and a new love. If time and new love cant make you forget a relationship, there is only one reason: the time is not long enough, and the new love is not good enough.soulmate drawing free

Second, if you are sad and cry every day when you are in a relationship, you have to stop and ask yourself, are you looking for a partner or an onion?soulmate drawing free

Three, adult love is not about holding hands and hugging, it is about supporting each other and building a family together, so you need to love each other, you need tacit understanding, you need to have the same three views, and you need to stand firmly on the other side. beside.soulmate drawing free

soulmate drawing free

Fourth, if you like someone, you are happy together; if you love someone, you want to be together even if you are not happy. ——Han Han

Five, there is a person, because you are good to him, so you feel good, this is the person you love; there is a person, because he understands your goodness, so he wants to be good to you, This is someone who loves you.soulmate drawing free

6. Two things that women are most likely to overestimate: one is their own beauty, and the other is a mans feelings; two things that men are most likely to overestimate: one is their own charm, and the other is their former Girlfriends feelings for him.soulmate drawing free

soulmate drawing free

7. When two people are together, more is not to change each other, but to accept. This is tolerance. If you just think about change, it is not life, it is war.

Eighth, its best to keep a little bit of cleanliness in love, dont start casually, dont rush to compromise, things that are truly worthwhile will not be so easy.soulmate drawing free

Nine, behind every long-term love, there will be someone who gives silently. Many times, I will try to please, accommodate, tolerate, tolerate, and forgive. It is not that I will not feel heartache, but that I regard love as more important than myself.soulmate drawing free

10. In the years when you need to struggle the most, you should love someone who can give you motivation, not someone who can make you exhausted.soulmate drawing free

Eleven, when you have passed a vigorous age, you will understand that the love you really want is the company of a long stream of water. Saying 10,000 words of I love you is better than having me at ease.soulmate drawing free

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Twelve, if there is a person who can understand you, appreciate you, tolerate you, understand your personality, appreciate your advantages, and accept your shortcomings, and allows you to fully develop your potential, then he is the most suitable person for you.soulmate drawing free

Thirteen, love is such a wonderful thing, no matter how many times you have lost it, as long as you use it, the next time you will be as flustered as the first time, and you will never be proficient.soulmate drawing free

14. People marry because of lack of judgment, divorce because of lack of patience, and remarry because of lack of memory.soulmate drawing free

Fifteen, good love will not let you discount, for good love, every little change is actually only the icing on the cake. Instead of changing for others and becoming another person, it is better to be yourself and wait for the right person to appear.soulmate drawing free


16. The porridge in the morning is better than the wine in the late night. People who lie to you will say more than those who love you, so dont fall in love with your ears. Whats good for you is all about the details.soulmate drawing free

Seventeen, many people ask whether to choose the one who loves them or the one they love? its actually really easy. If you are strong, choose the person you love; if you are not strong enough, choose the person who loves you. ——Zhao Geyusoulmate drawing free

Eighteen, you will eventually meet someone who makes you feel that meeting him is a blessing, because the person you are waiting for is also experiencing a lot of people. Sad things get better, wait until you meet the best of you at the right time.soulmate drawing free

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Nineteen, there is no shortage of love these days, but people who take love seriously.

Twenty, the first button is wrong, but you cant find it until the last one; a relationship is wrong at the beginning, but you dont have to admit it until the end.soulmate drawing free

Twenty-one, you set many standards for the future object, but in the end it is often the one outside the standard that holds hands with you. When I met him, the looks, weight, whether or not he was riding a white horse, or whether he was talented or not, didnt matter. Because he is not the kind of person you like, but the person you like.soulmate drawing free

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